Tuesday, March 22, 2011

'Greene' mistakes

Dear Family,

Last week was very good and productive! …and I definitely enjoyed it.  We have been experiencing very good whether here in Jackson  …like today, the temperature is in the 80's.  Wow my companion and I are very lucky. We might actually go golfing today for Preparation Day and we just got back from Don Panchos, nice Mexican Restaurant here in Jackson.

This last Tuesday we have had District Meeting which I really enjoyed. My companion who is the District Leader prepared a really good learning experience for me and the rest of the Elders and Sisters. I enjoyed the role plays that we got to do with the other missionaries because it helps a young missionary like myself who still at times depends on his senior companion and trainer for suggestions and tips.

I’s been fun learning from my companion because he definitely knows what he is doing and is always willing to provide really good pointers …and that surely helps me to become a better missionary.

So this past week we have taught a lot of the second lessons (The Plan of Salvation), during which I frequently forgot to talk about the ‘Fall of Adam’.  Typical ‘greene’ mistake, so I guess I have an excuse  ….no I'm just kidding:). Hopefully as I continue to have opportunities to teach the second lesson more I will become more comfortable and teach better. But it is all a learning process and that’s what makes it fun. Because no matter how long (or short) you have been on your mission there is always something you can learn.

I am excited because during this week’s personal study I decided to concentrate in depth on the Atonement and why it was necessary that Christ died for us.  So it will be a very good spiritual experience. I was actually inspired to do this by a talk me and my companion listened to during companionship studies a few weeks back. The talk was given by Doctor Skousen a long time ago. But it is AWESOME!

So we had some good teaching opportunities this last week and I am excited for the next couple of days as we will have opportunities to teach some of the people we have recently met. We have an investigator right now that we are teaching, just a great guy and we will be teaching him lesson four this Wednesday. We also have some really cool less actives that we are teaching and visiting with, and hopefully they start coming back to church because that’s where they belong. I do not know what it is but the people in the south are just so cool. They are kind, service oriented and just great to be around.   The Little Rock, Arkansas mission is the best.

Wow I am sad to hear that Sacramento could possibly be flooded, I will definitely keep all of you in Sacramento in my prayers. I know that if the Lords will be that there should be no flood than it will not happen. Remember that the Lord will not give you a trial that you cannot overcome. So have faith.

I love you all so much!!!! And I am grateful for all your support!!!  The Lord has blessed me with so many great experiences and I am grateful for them all.

Oh, I almost forgot. I still get fed every day, I'm a lucky dog. I still have plenty of money on the visa card mom. Please do not send the Easter package until I tell you because the next P-Day I will find out if I am getting transferred or not, so I'll tell you where to send it then.  Also I will get you pictures next week.  The article you sent me was phenomenal, what an inspiring conversion story.

Love ya'll,
Elder Wawro