Monday, March 7, 2011

'Up and down' week

Dear Family,
So I have had an up and down week just recently and my companion and I will try to be much more productive.

The highlight of the week came when on Thursday the Zone Leaders came on exchanges with me and my companion. So I spent all of Thursday with Elder Badger who really taught me how to be a better teacher. We actually ended up receiving 3 new investigators total from just tracting South Jackson. Than later that night Elder Badger and I had a good experience with a part-member family. The husband is a member but less active and his wife is Baptist. Although at this time she does not agree with our church on everything, she is very nice to the missionaries and admires them. But anyways, at the end of our visit with them she was present when we were reading from Jacob Chapter 2 with her husband and she took part in some of the discussions and conversations we had with him, so I felt prompted to give her the Restoration pamphlet before we left and now we will be back to teach them the lessons, starting Thursday:).

We are currently teaching a man named Jonathon. I actually never have gotten to teach him yet because they taught the first 2 lessons before I got here and the next time we had a chance to teach him was when we were on exchanges, which sucks. It’s so cool because he wants to be baptized and he knows the Book of Mormon is true but he just does not want to put a time table on his baptism yet. So pretty soon we will be able to go back and teach him lesson 4 and hopefully he will commit to a baptismal date.

So you know how mom loves brick houses well, in the rich neighborhoods here in Jackson all the houses are made of brick and they are so beautiful. Mom you should be jealous! Their front yards are like 10 times bigger than our back yard.

I love you guys so much, and I will try very hard to find a ways with the help of the Lord to get my companion more motivated so that I don't end up slacking off with him:).
I wish you all great week and much success in everything  …say Hi to everyone in the Ward for me.
Elder Wawro