Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If you don't like weather in Jackson ....wait 30 minutes.

Hey Family,

I’m glad you all had a great Easter:)  Thank you so much for the package and all the wonderful goodies. Wow, you guys send more then I could wish for …and what a nice tie you got me. I can’t wait until I get to wear it.  Thanks again!

That’s so cool that you got to meet Brother and Sister Miles. They are wonderful family.
Elder Gerber and I had a wonderful week this past week.  We’re working with an amazing group of investigators.  If all goes well we will be having a baptism of Joshua this coming Saturday. He is an amazing guy (20 years old) and we’ve found him tracting. Then we have Stephanie who was also found tracting. She came to church this past week and she loved it. She also made a good friend with Thelma, one of the recent converts in the Ward. They actually hung out for a long time after church. That’s why fellowshipping and member referrals are so important, they allow the investigator to progress faster and it makes them feel welcomed. Stephanie is awesome and she has such a sweet soul.

We’ve also set another baptismal date this past week for May 14, so that was good. The Lord has blessed us with much success because of our obedience and diligence and because of His love for all of God’s children.

We have an investigator who name is Mac and he makes sure we know our stuff.  It has been fun teaching him because he is challenging and that makes me want to study harder and to make sure I know my Bible and the Book of Mormon:)

I love being able to study everyday for two hours because it helps me so much in lessons with investigators  ….and there is so much to learn. On February 26 I started reading the Book of Mormon again and started to mark with different colors, four things. 1) with the color blue - each reference to Jesus Christ ( any of his names or pronounces referring to Him) 2) with the color green - His words ( spoken by Him or by Prophets when they say, "Thus saith the Lord." 3) with the color yellow - His attributes 4) with the color red - the doctrines and principles contained in the Book of Mormon. This has helped me tremendously. After I’ll finish reading the Book of Mormon, I will try to study through the entire Bible, then D&C.  Study it is great.

The GPS has been such a great investment and I have no idea how missionaries can do without it.
 We are expecting a tornado that is supposed to be hitting the county surrounding Jackson, but don’t worry we’ll be fine. The weather in the south is so weird.   Locals joke around saying, “If you don't like weather in Jackson, wait 30 minutes.”

Have a wonderful week, be good and have fun. It’s an exciting time of year.

Elder Wawro