Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First transfer to ??????

Dear Family,

So, you want to know if I am getting transferred ha, well let me tell you..... I AM
It has been a great experience here in Jackson, Tennessee and it will always be my ‘Greeny’ area.

So the picture I have attached is the second district I was a part of. We took it this morning because Elder Fjerstad the one next to Elder Gerber is the District Leader and he is going home on Tuesday. It is crazy to think that people actually go home.  President Drewes only has one more transfer left before he and his wife are done with their missions. He will be missed - he is a great man and an awesome Mission President.

Elder Gerber and I had a good week. Sadly though Joshua was not confirmed last Sunday only because we had s Stake Conference (satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City) and converts need to be confirmed during Sacrament. But he is doing well and we have a baptismal date for both his brother Joey and his mom Charity and we still have a baptismal date for Stephanie on the 28th of May. I have no doubt that these wonderful people are humble and willing enough to show their Savior that they are ready to follow Him.  Joshua's family being baptized will really help him because it will make the environment at home to be different, one that will allow him to blossom as a latter day saint.
There is a talk that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave on January 11, 2011 at the MTC in Provo that me and Elder Gerber watched today and I am going to get a copy of it and send one to you guys so you can see it. Oh, my goodness it is amazing. I know you will enjoy it!
My mission has flown by so far and it definitely needs to slow down. You guys will not know where I am at until next P-Day (Monday) so you will have to guess until then, hahaha.

I Love you all. I love you Kayla! Keep up the good work at school and make mom and dad proud!
I love you dad! I can’t wait; well I guess I can, ‘till I join you in doing some cycling when I get back.
I love you mom! Have a wonderful birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :)

Elder Wawro