Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love being a Missionary!!!

Dear Family,

The weather has been pretty bad these past few days, but don't worry about me, I am safe. Jackson was not damaged heavily although there were a lot of trees knocked down and some of them fell taking out a big chuck of ground and the entire root ball …see attached picture of a tree that fell and hit a sign. It’s crazy though because when the thunder was hitting here it shook our apartment ….not a big shake but just enough to where you can feel it. But the mighty storm has not hindered the work:)

So are you ready for this.......................... Joshua was baptized this last Sunday and I got to baptize him. He is 20 year old and we really hope for him to go on a mission. I’m sending few pictures including the ones taken before the baptism   …man I know, my cheeks look chubby! We run two miles about every other day. I guess I am going to have to work out more seriously! Anyways Joshua is awesome and he is definitely a stud and has great faith. We only met him like three weeks ago. We will make sure to help him slowly build into a missionary. I am so excited for him. AWESOME!!

Oh, and funny story. So we started filling up the baptismal font just before the Sacrament meeting and we had to check on it half way through the meeting to make sure everything was going well. I guess there some little thingies were in the font some and my companion was trying to get them out when ….wait for it................... his foot slips and he almost falls into the font. Hahaha it was hilarious. Good thing he has great reflexes so he only got his right leg wet.

We also hope to have another baptism next Sunday. Her name is Stephanie and she is an incredible lady. She needs to be able to quit smoking for seven days before she can be baptized so we have been helping her with that. There is a program that we use and for the most part it has been working pretty well for her.
President Drewes often says, "When you do the Lord's work, in the Lord's way, there are no limits."

It is crazy to sit here and think three months ago I’ve entered the MTC. Reflecting back on that, I loved my MTC experience, but there is only so much you can learn just by being at the MTC. Being on a mission has been a blast! It’s wonderful to be able to work hard and just be exhausted by the end of the day. Being able to serve a mission here in the South is perfect and I would not want to be anywhere else. It does have its unique challenges but they help us to develop, to become better missionaries, better priesthood holders, and better men.

I have recently been pondering and studying Chapter 5 in ‘Preach My Gospel’ on the Book of Mormon. This all kind of started with an experience I’ve had while teaching one of our investigators. When Elder Steed and Elder Baron, the Assistants to the Mission President, came last Thursday, I went on exchanges with Elder Steed and during the discussion with Mac, our investigator; I realized the importance of the Book of Mormon. There is nothing more we can teach people about the Bible here in the South. We are not trying to develop their testimonies in the Bible. We talk so much about the Book of Mormon because they have no clue about it and our whole religion stands on the truthfulness of this book. That’s why we ask people to read and pray about it! So that they can find out for themselves that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that it witnesses that the Bible is true, that it testifies of our Lord, Jesus Christ and that it allows further enlightenment that is not found the Bible. It’s just pure awesomeness.
I LOVE being a missionary!!!

The other day while visiting our investigator Stephanie, we wanted to help her and mow the lawn and we had to borrow the lawn mower from the members of the Ward and push it through the street to Stephanie’s house.  It was just so funny, two guys, in a white shirt and tie, pushing a lawn mower:) Where else can you find this? AHAHAHA, I love it, it was so awesome. Being able to do service as a missionary is just great no matter where it is at and who is it for.
Thanks again for the package you’ve sent me. It has definitely done well for my tummy!

Enjoy the pictures, have a great week, and I will talk to you on Sunday to wish mom Happy Mother’s Day:)   … so you have only six days left to wait!
Also, dad, I sent you a birthday present, nothing special but I hope you’ll like it. And I will write and send out a hand written letter for you next week.

Love ya'll,

Elder Wawro

PS: It only took ten years to get Osama haha.... finally!

Tumbled tree with root ball out 

With Elder Baron (left) and Elder Steed

With Elder Gerber (left) and Elder Steed

Pushing the lawn mower throug the streets

Joshua's Baptism:-)