Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back in Tennessee

Dear Family,

I will not keep you guessing where I’d been transferred  …I am in Memphis, Tennessee, in the north most neighborhood called Frayser. My companion and I will be sharing the house we live in with another set of Missionaries who serve in this area.

Good to hear that ‘Jimmer’ came to play for Sacramento. That will definitely bring some good LDS publicity to Sacramento and will give me a reason to go see some Kings games when I get back. He is a good player, so it is a really great addition to the team.

I am also glad to hear that Ryan will be serving his Mission in Las Vegas. I’ve heard from many people including my companion and few return Missionaries I met in BYU-I that it is an awesome place to serve a mission. Tell him ‘congratulations’ for me. He will do great!

Thank you so much for all the updates and emails, I enjoyed them very much.
I got some good news for you guys; a Sister that Elder Crotts and I worked with back in Little Rock was baptized this past Saturday.  I was just so happy:-)))  Would have loved to have been there, but I understand that it was not meant to be.  I will try to love Frayser because it truly is a great place to serve with so many awesome people.

It is crazy to think that I will be going on 5 months, it’s not supposed to go by so fast, that’s not fair, SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

I love being a missionary and this area will help me to improve as a missionary in all aspects and I am excited to progress because I can be a better tool in helping the Lord do his work. Being a Missionary is awesome!!

Here is my address: 4054 Lehi Drive, Memphis, TN, 38128

Well I love you guys and I hope you have a great week and enjoy every second of life.

Elder Wawro