Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Transfer - On my way to ....(stay tuned)

Dear Family,

I will not keep you guessing, I am getting transferred. I loved this area but then again I will love any area I serve, and it just means I am needed more in another area. I will work hard wherever I serve.
I enjoyed serving with Elder Crotts and I learned a lot from him. This transfer flew by and in all honesty I thought we would stay a little longer together.  Mom you are right the South is very challenging but it helps us to become better missionaries. There is lots of opposition and people at times are not willing to listen, but you are also right that I do LOVE it here and I would not want to serve anywhere else.
Well Dad I hope you had an awesome Father’s Day, because you are awesome, plus I am a little jealous of your chocolate covered strawberries which made me drool.

Big news! President Gibbons is no longer going to be our new Mission President and President Peterson will be taking his place. President Peterson was originally going to serve in Russia but because of his line of work, he apparently cannot go there.  So their assignments were switched.

The work is moving along here in Little Rock. I am sad to leave when we finally are having some success here. They should be having a baptism this coming Saturday and then there should be another one on July 2. These people here are awesome and I have genuinely loved serving here. We were also recently teaching an investigator named CJ who is working on quitting smoking. He’s a stud and has been smoke free for a couple days now. I am excited for him because I feel like once we start teaching him more about the gospel he will progress quickly because he is a sincere person so he will keep commitments.

Thank you for your emails, I really enjoy them:)
I guess there will be more to write next week, and you will find out where in the world I will be going, haha.

I love you all so much, and hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Wawro

P-Day Birthday Vlog:)