Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another week "has gone by so fast" :)

Dear Family,

You guys are too funny, every week I hear, "This week has gone by so fast." ….sounds familiar huh? I think I might have told you that before I left for my Mission, oh yes I did. I am just giving you guys a hard time:) It makes me smile to see you guys so happy and to see that time has flown by for you.
So this week has been a little frustrating at times as well. Although on the positive side we teach few people who are sincerely seeking. And we actually had a really good lesson with a less active Sister in the Ward here in Memphis. The spirit was so strong and we hope for her to be able to enter the walls of the Temple again.

I heard something really interesting this morning in the car. We were waiting for a man who wanted to meet with us at the Church and give him some gospel reading material. While waiting for him in the car we listened to a talk by John Bytheway titled "5 scriptures that can get you past almost anything."  He referenced a scripture in 1 Nephi 11:17. This is when an angel of the Lord appears to Nephi. Nephi is asked if he knows the condescension of God and he replies by saying he does not, adding that what he does know is that our Heavenly Father loves all his children. So if we know that God loves us, than we do not ask questions like, “why does God makes me go through this?” ...etc. We may not know why we are given certain trials or challenges but when we know that God loves us then the “whys” don’t matter.
No cool stories this week but life is all good and I hope you guys have great upcoming week and remember enjoy the summer. Also tell Ben I am excited to here where he will be going and tell him congratulations!!!!!

I love you guys and yes I’ve received both of your letters (I just forgot to mention it last week:)

Elder Wawro

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