Thursday, July 14, 2011

Got to go to the Memphis Tennessee Temple

Dear Family,

Thank you for all the updates from home, it comforts me to know that you all are doing so well. It sounds like YW camp is going to be good this year and I am sure Kayla will enjoy it very much especially because she gets to have some responsibility.

So I’ve had two funny experiences this past week. The first happened when my companion and I were walking in Frayser and a construction man sees us walking buy and asks ‘So you guys carry guns?’ When we replied ‘no’, he said ‘well you definitely need to carry some’. It was funny hearing that because since I have been on my mission I don't really pay much attention to dangers around me (no one messes with the Missionaries:) so then an experience like that quickly reminds you of where you are. The second experience happened just a few days ago.  Elder Sprague and I were contacting people at one of the apartments in the area like we often do.  We passed by the big gathering of people and friends, so we talked to some of them and as we are leaving and turning the corner, we say ‘bye’ to a little girl (she couldn’t have been more than three)  … and she says ‘bye, bye policemen!’. AAWWWW that was so funny!

So far this week we have had good weather as it has not rained or stormed but it’s still really hot. They say here that August is the hottest month, so I have lots of hot weather to look forward too.

The reason why my email is a lot later than usual is because I got to go to the Memphis Tennessee Temple today! It was beautiful. The Temple is smaller that Sacramento Temple but it was just so wonderful. It has been a long few months since I had last visisted the Temple and it was awesome to go back.

The end of the past week was pretty disappointing. We had such a good start of the week with many good lessons and were even able to set some baptismal dates with promising investigators ….but none of them came to Church on Sunday. It was in all honesty very frustrating but I guess I shouldn’t really linger on that too long  …just go to move on and work harder.  My mission thus far has been very hard and it doesn't seem to get any easier with new trials every day. It’s hard but it’s what I need to become a lot better missionary and a much better person. I guess it’s hard because I needs lots of growing up:)

We do have a couple investigators who seem really sincere and who I think can be strong members down the road. So it’s those people that give us the hope we need to work hard day in and day out.

Also, this past week I got to meet our new Mission President and his wife; President and Sister Petersen. Wow, they are amazing. They have so much love for everyone and their testimonies are unbreakable. President Petersen is very inspired and like his predecessor he is a ‘spiritual giant’ with a firm testimony of missionary work.

Wish you guys a wonderful week, with much success and many blessings. Be safe and enjoy the summer weather.

Elder Wawro