Friday, July 8, 2011

"Missionaries Live Their Faith In Memphis"

Dear Family,

The reason I am able to email you during a holiday is because we can email from the Church here in Frayser.  So it sounds like you guys are going to have a blast today and I hope you do. Also to help you enjoy your 4 of July festivities you will be able to watch two of my Zone Leaders on TV (or more likely on the Internet).  The Fox News Channel here in Memphis is going to follow them around for about three hours in the Memphis North zone - Frayser.   I don’t know where you will be able to find it but I am sure you should be able to Google it.

This past week was pretty tough. We did not reach our weekly goals but the last two days, Saturday and Sunday turned out to be pretty successful. It has been hard because it was our ‘biking’ week but because my companion’s bike was broken we did A LOT of walking:)  The work here in Frayser has been going a lot better when we open our mouths to everyone we talk to. We find more success that way because when we share our message with everyone we are doing it in the Lord's way and when we do it his way nothing is impossible.

I’m starting to like Frayser more, it was just my attitude coming in that stopped my development, but I am getting over myself and just trying to improve and to be more dynamic missionary.

So my current companion is Elder Sprague. He is from Santaquin, Utah and does not have too much longer until he goes home.

I think I have mentioned this before that there Elder Sprague and I share the house here in Frayser with two other Missionaries ….and guess what?  ….I actually live with Elder Bradley’s friend from back home.  Isn’t this a cool fun fact? :)

Today we as missionaries are planning to do a BBQ in our backyard and just have some good ol fun. So I'll be having fun too!  Please make sure you say ‘Hi’ to the boys for me. Tell them that they are awesome!

Mom I did in fact get your letter and yes it would be safe to receive a package at my home address but honestly as for right now I do not need anything, thank you though!

You guys have a blessed week. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Wawro