Sunday, August 28, 2011

He that thrusteth in his sickle

Dear Family,

Thanks again for your emails, they are great! I did not get your package this week, but don’t worry too much because it might come in this week …we will just have to see.  
Please give my sincere condolences to the Deal Family and tell them I love them and to hold strong!

In all honesty not much had happened this week. Probably the highlight was having Elder Gonzales come and speak to all the Missionaries on the Memphis side of the Mission. He gave some really good council that was basic yet inspired. He said that when finding those that are ready to receive the Gospel you must first open your mouth, second establish common ground and third relate it back to the Book of Mormon.  When it says in D&C section 4 to trust in our sickle it’s talking about the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is our sickle. And when you guys share the gospel with friends and family remember these 3 basic steps to sharing the gospel and as you do so you will also witness miracles.

We have not been able to get many people to Church this week, but none the less we are seeing some potential in this area.

In all honesty not much to tell you guys this week, because not much happened. So sorry to disappoint but this week’s email is going to be short.

I love you guys so very much and wish you all the best this week. May your week be filled with much joy and happiness and be full of miracles. Have fun at the Stake Conference.

Elder Wawro

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The work is picking up:)

Hey Family,

Since you guys are asking about the changes in my part of the Mission here is just some random info. Elder Badger and I stayed, so only two Missionaries, my companion and Elder Badger’s companion left the house.  My missionary mother (my follow up trainer), Elder Gerber is paired up with Elder Badger and they are now Zone Leaders (trainer = missionary father, follow up trainer = missionary mother).  So we have two Zone Leaders in the house and my new companion is Elder Streeter. He is on his last transfer, so I may be staying in Frayser for another couple of transfers.

We were so blessed yesterday at the Sacrament Meeting and Church because we had five investigators attend with us. It was awesome:) We were especially amazed to see one of our progressing investigators Lillian. When we first started teaching her in the beginning of last transfer she would not read the Book of Mormon because she didn't think it could be on the level of the bible. Then after we had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation we come by to check on her one day and she had read 14 chapter in the Book of Mormon. Wow! ….and then yesterday she came to Church. It has been so wonderful to see her progress. So that was a good highlight of the week.

The work here in Frayser is picking up and it’s humbling and so wonderful.

My new companion and I get along very well and so it will be an exciting transfer but a hard working one. Without hard work we can't fulfill our purposes. And diligence is hard and smart work plus consistency all put together and that is what we are striving for.

This morning I’d listened to a talk that I heard before called "The timeline of the Apostasy" it was given at a devotional by a former Mission President. He breaks down the Apostasy and just gives a lot of dates that give us a clearer understanding of the actuality of the apostasy. Really good talk, maybe you can find it and listen to it.  I recommend it and know you would enjoy it.

We are really lucky this week because we have dinner appointment every night! …and that puts one big smile on my face.
 Please tell Simi and Ben, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on their Mission calls.

I LOVE YOU all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay busy and have lots of fun!

And thanks for all the words of encouragement and advice guys. I am actually thinking of enlarging that scripture dad and putting it somewhere to remind me constantly what can be done with the power of God.  Also, I do have access to this month’s Ensign and I will read that article mom. Thanks guys. Peace in the middle-east!

Elder Wawro

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frayser ...round two:)

Dear Family,

I aaaammmm .......staying in Frayser, but to our surprise everyone including my companion is leaving Frayser and I am the only one staying. I am little nervous but I have been greatly comforted reading letters from my Mission President and your emails. This will be a big transfer ….more info next week.

This last transfer has gone by so quickly and I have enjoyed it all. My current companion Elder Sprague is hitting 20 months tomorrow and he is sad to live the area because he has been here for almost 8 months in total.

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. You guys are all looking good and look beautiful. I am really happy to see the blessings the Lord has been given you.

Our numbers this week have been good, but there still could have been a lot to improve on. Yesterday we had a wonderful and spiritual lesson with a recent convert and it really made me feel good.

There is a lot of potential here in Frayser but it feels like at times I am just seeing a lot of disappointments. I thought when I was going to the MTC that if I was obedient and just sincere that I would have success. But I am slowly realizing that the Lord is building me up. I have faith in the Lord and he will be my light.

I will figure out ways to get you guys so more pictures ....did I mentioned that I still cannot believe that I will be the only one staying in Frayser. I love you guys and I cannot wait for the package.  I have not received the apron from Sister Crotts yet.

Be safe this week, enjoy yourselves, and do what is right!

I LOVE YOU GUYS. Say 'Hi' to all my friends back home and say congrats to ‘soon to be’ Elder Treadway and Elder Tonga.

Elder Wawro

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ending transfer with a BANG:)

Hey Family,

It was so good to hear from you guys again! I can't believe that Kayla will be turning 18 today. CRAZY!!!!!    I love all your emails and I really enjoyed Kayla's letter and pictures that she sent me.  
6 months has come and yet I feel like as if though I just came out of the MTC. Time just flies by and it doesn't wait for you to catch up.

This past week we had our bike week which means we did not have a car and we had to ride only bikes or walk. So it physically drained us but good thing we recovered quickly with some good night rest. I can honestly say that we worked hard all week but we had basically no success. And we were not able to meet with Kim because she was camping for a whole week. Although we barely caught her home last night, and she said that she had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and that she does have some questions so we should be meeting with her in a few days.

So we are down to last week of the transfer and my companion and I have a great new resolution to end this transfer with a BANG, and give it our all, and hold nothing back. We are going to strive to be exactly obedient so that we can receive miracles because we sure need them as missionaries.

We are going to ‘hoop it up’ today and later burn our ties to celebrate our 6 month marks. Don’t worry we have some extra ties around the house so I will not be burning any of mine.

Please wish Kayla a HAPPY 18th Birthday for me.  I love you guys so much.  Be safe this week.

Elder Wawro