Sunday, August 28, 2011

He that thrusteth in his sickle

Dear Family,

Thanks again for your emails, they are great! I did not get your package this week, but don’t worry too much because it might come in this week …we will just have to see.  
Please give my sincere condolences to the Deal Family and tell them I love them and to hold strong!

In all honesty not much had happened this week. Probably the highlight was having Elder Gonzales come and speak to all the Missionaries on the Memphis side of the Mission. He gave some really good council that was basic yet inspired. He said that when finding those that are ready to receive the Gospel you must first open your mouth, second establish common ground and third relate it back to the Book of Mormon.  When it says in D&C section 4 to trust in our sickle it’s talking about the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is our sickle. And when you guys share the gospel with friends and family remember these 3 basic steps to sharing the gospel and as you do so you will also witness miracles.

We have not been able to get many people to Church this week, but none the less we are seeing some potential in this area.

In all honesty not much to tell you guys this week, because not much happened. So sorry to disappoint but this week’s email is going to be short.

I love you guys so very much and wish you all the best this week. May your week be filled with much joy and happiness and be full of miracles. Have fun at the Stake Conference.

Elder Wawro