Saturday, August 20, 2011

The work is picking up:)

Hey Family,

Since you guys are asking about the changes in my part of the Mission here is just some random info. Elder Badger and I stayed, so only two Missionaries, my companion and Elder Badger’s companion left the house.  My missionary mother (my follow up trainer), Elder Gerber is paired up with Elder Badger and they are now Zone Leaders (trainer = missionary father, follow up trainer = missionary mother).  So we have two Zone Leaders in the house and my new companion is Elder Streeter. He is on his last transfer, so I may be staying in Frayser for another couple of transfers.

We were so blessed yesterday at the Sacrament Meeting and Church because we had five investigators attend with us. It was awesome:) We were especially amazed to see one of our progressing investigators Lillian. When we first started teaching her in the beginning of last transfer she would not read the Book of Mormon because she didn't think it could be on the level of the bible. Then after we had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation we come by to check on her one day and she had read 14 chapter in the Book of Mormon. Wow! ….and then yesterday she came to Church. It has been so wonderful to see her progress. So that was a good highlight of the week.

The work here in Frayser is picking up and it’s humbling and so wonderful.

My new companion and I get along very well and so it will be an exciting transfer but a hard working one. Without hard work we can't fulfill our purposes. And diligence is hard and smart work plus consistency all put together and that is what we are striving for.

This morning I’d listened to a talk that I heard before called "The timeline of the Apostasy" it was given at a devotional by a former Mission President. He breaks down the Apostasy and just gives a lot of dates that give us a clearer understanding of the actuality of the apostasy. Really good talk, maybe you can find it and listen to it.  I recommend it and know you would enjoy it.

We are really lucky this week because we have dinner appointment every night! …and that puts one big smile on my face.
 Please tell Simi and Ben, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on their Mission calls.

I LOVE YOU all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay busy and have lots of fun!

And thanks for all the words of encouragement and advice guys. I am actually thinking of enlarging that scripture dad and putting it somewhere to remind me constantly what can be done with the power of God.  Also, I do have access to this month’s Ensign and I will read that article mom. Thanks guys. Peace in the middle-east!

Elder Wawro