Sunday, September 11, 2011

Becoming a 'Preach My Gospel' missionary

Dear Family,

This past week has been really good. We had some more success and we should have 2 baptisms this Saturday but they are not 100 percent set in stone yet. So the Lord has shown us His tender mercies.

In our last Zone Conference our Mission President has emphasized becoming a ‘Preach My Gospel’ missionary. So as of late I have made it a point to study from the PMG a lot more but also to apply what I learn. And it doesn't just have to do with studying the PMG but also living mission rules with exactness which is hard to do anywhere but especially in the area where I serve. And what keeps me pushing to do my best with the mission rules is what Elder Christofferson said when he came to our mission when he said, " Make the extra effort". That really stuck out to me because we made that extra effort this week with getting more member present lessons and we did do a good job for this area.  Until my mission, I didn’t realize how much member presence during a lesson can influence an investigator.

I do not have much else to say this week, but that I LOVE YOU guys and I wish for you guys to have a safe trip up to BYU-I.   I forgot the USB cable for my camera so pictures will come next week. Also, I loved the pictures from the Greek festival. Looked like a lot of fun. 4 pounds of olives, crazy, yet very wise, haha.

Elder Wawro