Sunday, October 9, 2011

8 months has come and gone

Hey Family,

8 months has come and gone and I know I say this often but it feels like every week that I write to you I hit a new milestone. Thanks for that awesome package, this time I am trying hard not to eat all the goodies you’ve send in the first couple of days. You guys always make perfect choices on what to get me.

Some good and exciting news is that through the mercies of our Heavenly Father we were able to set another baptismal date with our long time investigator for October 22nd. We had a wonderful spiritual lesson with her and she really has grown and recognizes that Heavenly Father answers her prayers. She also attended the Sunday morning session of the General Conference where there was that awesome talk comparing the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We are going to come by and see her today and discuss her experience. Not much else to catch you guys up on.  I was sad when conference ended yesterday. As a missionary you really do love General Conference unlike before the mission where at times I viewed it as burdensome. Now I can say with sincerity that I love General Conference and I can see the Lord’s hand in His work here on this earth.

Mom to answer your questions, I was able to fix my bike and the assistants to the Mission President have the apron sent by Sister Crotts and I should get it soon.

I hope you all have an exciting week, filled with many great experiences and miracles. Be safe and stay awesome.  Have fun this week and I love you.  Mom soon enough we will watch “The Best Two Years” together and have tons of laughs. You are right, I too need every bit of these last 16 months and I am going to cherish every second of that time!
Elder Wawro