Sunday, October 16, 2011

Work is moving along

Hey Family,

What is up my wonderful family? I have had a lot better week. The work is moving along here and I am so excited for our long time investigator. She still has one obstacle holding her back from baptism but she comes to church weekly and faithfully. And best of all she is not shy about telling us she wants to get baptized, AWESOME!!! I have grown to just love her so much, and I have had such great spiritual experiences teaching her that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

And by the way I will be having some special presents for those in Poland. I am going to send them Polish copies of the Book of Mormon. This message and gospel is to important not to share with them. So since they love me so much, and I LOVE them SO much. All I will ask them is to read and pray about it   ….if that is ok with both of you?

We hope and work hard to have more solid investigators in the coming weeks. There is a wonderful young man that lives across the street from the Church and he is awesome. He wants to get baptized, and the thing that amazes me is that despite his disability he comes to every Church meeting every week, plus all weekday activities. He is so faithful.

Last week I bought two snazzy looking ties and I think I am (8 months later:-) getting better at knowing how to better spend money on groceries   … wish I would have been that smart couple months ago.
You guys are so awesome and I am so glad every week when I get to hear how much the Lord is blessing your lives. Stay busy.

Elder Wawro