Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Do It

Dear Family,

The past week had its ups and downs.  Thanksgiving was great and I got to enjoy great food. We live next door to members and they were so kind to invite us for dinner – it was really good.  The BEST sweet potatoes ever!
I did get both letters from Kayla and you mom – thanks!   I also got the awesome package you’ve sent …. I have already put many items to good use.  I can't wait to hear where Michael Deal will get to serve the Lord.

Work wise it was not the greatest week any missionary would wish to have.  So that made me think about a lot of things and there will be some changes in our proselytizing activities to make things blossom because we got on a role a couple of weeks ago but have greatly slowed down of late.  I was a little discouraged but I am excited to change the pace and make things go the way they should.

Need to put to use our Mission President's council, stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT.

We got our President's interview on Saturday and it all went really well. But I really have no thoughts on transfers and we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Well that’s all this week.  I wish you all the best.   Be safe and enjoy much success.
Elder Wawro

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey Family,

I can't believe that it’s already Thanksgiving, time goes by way too fast ….because the next Thanksgiving I will be almost home, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

But it’s awesome to hear that Kayla arrived home safely and can spend the entire week with her parents, just remember don’t have too much fun without me, haha. We will be taken care of over here for the Thanksgiving so no need to worry  …I’m sure we will have awesome visists and great meals that day:).   I hope to get work accomplished on Thanksgiving, but from what other missionaries who have experienced the holidays say not much missionary work is done on the holidays because people just want to spend time with their families but since I hate being lazy we are going to find ways to use time wisely.

I am looking forward to the package you all have sent me - thank you SO MUCH.  I mailed today a letter for you all and a picture of me on the Mississippi river. I hope you’ll receive it before Thursday.

You have to tell Michael Deal congratulations for me. HAAAAAAAA it is so exciting to know that all my good friends are going on Missions. You have to thank all the Ward and Stake leaders for their valiant work in helping all the youth in our Stake; they have done a phenomenal job.

Well that about wraps it up for me, hopefully I can email next week and have plenty of good news and updates. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and have plenty of fun and great time together.

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another great baptism

Dear Family,

Well this past week started off the same way the week before  ...with some struggle.  On Monday my companion and another Elder in the same house got sick. Then Monday night I got some indigestion trouble ….yikes.   So, Tuesday was terrible, full of pain and discomfort and that was the longest day of my mission ….it seemed to drag on forever. That resulted in a very slow week, the slowest of my mission work wise.

I’m very excited to hear about Michael Hendrix's mission call to Brazil …what a small world that he got called to the same Mission as Travis Denna.  Tell him congratulations for me and a big hug for my pal.

I know you are wondering about the baptism that I have mentioned last week   ….yes, Kim and her son Charles was baptized as we have hoped for ….and it was AWESOME.   We met with them the day after the baptism and Kim was talking a lot about the Temple. So we will try to get her to the Temple as soon as possible.
I’ve put lot of efforts preparing for my first District meeting and it was cool how the Lord guided me to what it should be on and what things we should discuss. So pray for me to not mess this up, haha!

Wish you all awesome and safe week!

Elder Wawro

Kim and Charles with loved ones

Thumbs up for six pounds burger

Six pounds of smile:-)

Oh, we can taste you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Called to be a District Leader

Dear Family,

I am definitely feeling lot better. I’ve actually recovered really quickly, so that was a great miracle and blessing.

Oh that burger from last week ….it was huge, six not five pounds!!  But nine hungry Missionaries destroyed the burger in no time - not a problem there.   I personally would have wished there was less of us sharing it, because that burger was wicked GOOD.  I'll have pictures for you next week.

This past week was a struggle and it was not rosy at all.  We didn’t have much of a success throughout the week, but the weekend really sweetened things up for us.  Yesterday (Sunday) we taught an old investigator of ours and her three daughters and their boyfriends.   They are all so awesome and we had a great lesson, the spirit was strong and we felt like we needed to set a baptismal date with all of them. So we did at the end of our lesson.  It will definitely take some work with them but I am so excited because they all just bring in such a sweet spirit in our lessons.   We also have one more reason to rejoice because we likely going to have a baptism by the end of this week, YAAAYY!!   More details to follow if it happens.

I have been called to be a District Leader, so let’s hope I don’t screw this up, jk.  It will surely be a growing experience for me. I have great district members and I will learn a lot from them.

I hope and pray you all will be blessed in life, in your callings and most importantly as a family. Be safe. Say hi to everyone at home.

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear Family,

Well dad with you barely recovering from cold we got something in common right now. I started to get a sore throat last night and now I just feel weak, have mild fever plus my arch nemesis, the sore throat who I hate more than anything is killing me.
No one in Frayser is getting transferred. We are all staying although our Ward will now have only 6 Missionaries instead of 8. The Missionaries will no longer be in Raleigh (little neighborhood to the east) so the remaining 6 Missionaries will split different parts of Raleigh. More work to do!!

And the work here is going great lately. We have some really solid people/families.  Just yesterday we add to our teaching pool a family of 5. The Lord is so tremendously blessing us and I can't give Him enough thanks.

One of the Elders has birthday today so we are going to Midtown to buy a gigantic 5 pounds burger.  Hope I’ll have some good pictures to share. We are permitted to proselyte tonight but tracting just wouldn't be the best idea. So yes mom, we will be working tonight on Halloween WHOOOHHHAAAHHAA!!!! - Happy Halloween.

I will use an excuse of being sick to justify why I don’t write as much today.
I LOVE YOU ALL. Have a blessed week

Elder Matthew Wawro