Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another great baptism

Dear Family,

Well this past week started off the same way the week before  ...with some struggle.  On Monday my companion and another Elder in the same house got sick. Then Monday night I got some indigestion trouble ….yikes.   So, Tuesday was terrible, full of pain and discomfort and that was the longest day of my mission ….it seemed to drag on forever. That resulted in a very slow week, the slowest of my mission work wise.

I’m very excited to hear about Michael Hendrix's mission call to Brazil …what a small world that he got called to the same Mission as Travis Denna.  Tell him congratulations for me and a big hug for my pal.

I know you are wondering about the baptism that I have mentioned last week   ….yes, Kim and her son Charles was baptized as we have hoped for ….and it was AWESOME.   We met with them the day after the baptism and Kim was talking a lot about the Temple. So we will try to get her to the Temple as soon as possible.
I’ve put lot of efforts preparing for my first District meeting and it was cool how the Lord guided me to what it should be on and what things we should discuss. So pray for me to not mess this up, haha!

Wish you all awesome and safe week!

Elder Wawro

Kim and Charles with loved ones

Thumbs up for six pounds burger

Six pounds of smile:-)

Oh, we can taste you!