Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear Family,

Well dad with you barely recovering from cold we got something in common right now. I started to get a sore throat last night and now I just feel weak, have mild fever plus my arch nemesis, the sore throat who I hate more than anything is killing me.
No one in Frayser is getting transferred. We are all staying although our Ward will now have only 6 Missionaries instead of 8. The Missionaries will no longer be in Raleigh (little neighborhood to the east) so the remaining 6 Missionaries will split different parts of Raleigh. More work to do!!

And the work here is going great lately. We have some really solid people/families.  Just yesterday we add to our teaching pool a family of 5. The Lord is so tremendously blessing us and I can't give Him enough thanks.

One of the Elders has birthday today so we are going to Midtown to buy a gigantic 5 pounds burger.  Hope I’ll have some good pictures to share. We are permitted to proselyte tonight but tracting just wouldn't be the best idea. So yes mom, we will be working tonight on Halloween WHOOOHHHAAAHHAA!!!! - Happy Halloween.

I will use an excuse of being sick to justify why I don’t write as much today.
I LOVE YOU ALL. Have a blessed week

Elder Matthew Wawro