Monday, December 31, 2012

Eight foot snowman

Dear Family,

We had a crazy week here in Arkansas, especially with all the snow, which I have heard was the first time in 80 years on Christmas. For a brief period of time we were told by our Mission President to stay in. So what did we do?  We build about an eight foot snow man. YEEAHH!! So of course we had little fun and took some good pictures.

But the day we were able to go back out, it was all back to business. We were blessed with a sweet miracle finding a golden investigator. We were trying to see a potential investigator but they didn't answer.  As we had walked up to a nearby house I had noticed a man and felt that we should see him …. so we went and knocked on his door. He immediately let us in and told us he was looking for a church. We set a baptismal date and as you can guess we are really excited.  I have truly come to love and appreciate the Spirit and its promptings.

Things are going well, I love my mission and I really loved the pictures. Y'all are all looking so happy and hip and young, haha. Y'all are the best!!!

Elder Wawro

Snow on Christmas - View from the balcony

White 'Mimi Me'

Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Christmas

Dear Family,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although it hasn't snowed lately (I hear it might on Christmas day here in Conway:) we were able to have a white Christmas with the baptisms of Ricky and Corvina "Lucy".   After a little over a year I got in the water and did a baptism myself and it felt good. One of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten were given me on Saturday by a loving Father in Heaven.

Overall the work is progressing really well in our Zone. The Sister Missionaries in our Ward were able to have two (2) baptisms as well on Saturday.  Not too many updates on people I told y'all about last week because we were not able to see them - hopefully more on them and other things next P-Day.

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures you sent me this week, y'all are all looking so good and happy!

Regarding, the phone call tomorrow, I will make in the evening because that will be the least productive proselyting time on Christmas Day. So, expect a call anywhere from 5 to 6 pm EST.
I love y'all so much!! Say ‘HI’ to everyone and tell Jonah congratulation on his mission call.

Elder Wawro

Best Christmas gift - Baptism of Ricky and Lucy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last transfer of my Mission

Dear Family,

You may not know this, but today starts the last transfer of my Mission :(  I can't believe it.   The transfer that just ended was only 5 week long, and this new transfer will last 7 weeks.  Today, my companion and I had a chance to use the gift cards you have sent - they were much appreciated.  Thank you from both of us!   I made some Christmas cards and will be sending them out today, so y'all and few others should receive them soon.

Great news on progress of our investigators  …it just makes me smile to think how much Heavenly Father has been blessing us here in Conway.   They will be getting baptized as planned this Saturday.    We just recently started teaching their younger sister and we should be setting a baptismal date with her tonight. That family is just doing so great!    Their grandmother is loving the Gospel.

Also, some great news about Johnny - he was recently called as the Elders' Quorum Secretary.  That’s so awesome to hear about him receiving his first calling in the church.

We also have this great young couple we started teaching this week.   We have baptismal dates with them for January and we are so excited for them.  They were not able to make it to church yesterday but we will get the there soon!

We have a lot of good things going on.  This week we will be having our Christmas Zone Conference, so that will be fun.

Thanks dad for the story – it was great and I enjoyed it!
I am still not sure what time I will be calling home, so I will let you know in my email next week.

Enjoy y'alls week! Be safe and have fun, and HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Elder Wawro

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D to the T to the O to the S to the E to the R to the V

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sick on a bike week

Dear Family,

This week was pretty rough, I was sick and we were on bike week which I found out does not make a good mix. I did get permission from President Petersen to email Hillary at the BYU-I Admissions so we will see how that works out.

Carolyn’s grandchildren, our progressing investigators are both 17 and they both will be getting baptized on December 22, 2012.

This will probably be the shortest email in the world because there isn't anything new to share.  
Mom thank you for the snacks and banana muffins …they were really good:).
Y'all have a great week and enjoy everything this Christmas Season!

Elder Wawro

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look forward to more great things

Dear Family,

Thanks for the love and prayers and your awesome emails. And thanks for the letter this week as well.

This week has been awesome ….maybe not the best or most successful when it came to teaching a lot of lessons, but we have two very solid baptismal dates with Carolyn's grandchildren (one on December 15 and another on December 21).  Both of them came to Church yesterday (one of them for the second time).   We look forward to more great things this week and hope that we have 3 baptisms this month, here in Conway. It would be a very Merry Christmas.

The weather here these last few days has been slightly warm, in the 70s. I want the cold, but I guess I should be grateful that it’s not blistering 100 degrees with humidity.

Don’t go crazy on me for Christmas this year.  I really don’t need anything.  I hope that convinced you!  …but probably not.

Y'all have fun this week, be safe, and I love Y'all!!!!

Elder Wawro

PS: say what’s up:) to Michael for me

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blessed with a baptism

Dear Family,

I am glad to hear that although y'alls Thanksgiving was short few of your favorite children, that you still had a good one.  And it is always good to enjoy the holidays and doing it serving someone else like y'all did.

On Saturday, we were blessed with a baptism of our investigator Charles. He had a wonderful experience and said that he had felt the spirit really strongly after the baptismal ordinance was performed.   Elder Chapman was able to perform his first baptism and so it was a special experience for him as well. Looking back almost 3 months ago when we first met him, Charles has come a long way, especially when like a month ago we almost put him on pause and thought he might have dropped us.   The experience of teaching him all the way through and seeing him change is a testimony builder that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone and can bless anyone’s and everyone’s life.

Thanksgiving was a joy for us as well.   Elder Chapman and I participated in a turkey bowl in the morning, and then we had lots to eat and had some awesome deserts  … and let me tell you there is no better tasting turkey in the world then deep fried turkey.

Things are still going well in the area. We have two other baptismal dates and we could potentially have two baptisms in December, which would make it a very Merry, Merry Christmas.

Have a great week and I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Wawro

At Church with Elder Ford

Did someone said 'Elections'?

Say Hello to Conway Missionary 'crew'

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Answer to someone's prayer

Dear Family,

I hope y'all had a great week! …and that this holiday week will be great too even though Kayla and I are not at home this Thanksgiving.

My companion in training is Elder Chapman. He is from southern California, from city of Hemet.  Elder Chapman is likely my last trainee and companion and this made me thinking that of all the Missionaries I trained none are from Utah and that most of my companions I have had are not from Utah either.

On Saturday, we had some members cook/fry up some deer and boy was it good!  Last night we were eating dinner with the same family that is feeding us on Thanksgiving. They told us that they are going to fry up the turkey and they might fry up some pheasant too. I am excited for that. 

Two cool spiritual things to write about this week. The first is that our most progressing investigator is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!! Ever since he gave up smoking about a week and a half ago he has been progressing so much quickly and has been much more receptive to the spirit.

The second is that we were an answer to someone’s prayer this past week.  We had some extra time before an appointment one day, so we went to do some visits in the area.   I felt impressed to visit our potential investigator we met a couple of weeks ago.  We knocked on her door and she didn’t answer but just as we were leaving she opened the door. She had mentioned to us that things have been very rough for her and her daughter lately and that she also knew that her next door neighbor was going thru some hard times too.  She shared with us that just before we knocked on her door, she decided to pray for her neighbors instead of dwelling on her own hardships.   She asked if we could go with her next door to see that neighbor and she explained to the neighbor how she had been praying a few minutes ago and how just a little after she had finished her prayer we showed up at her door. This softened the neighbor’s heart to allow us to pray with her and although she wasn't too interested in our message we were very grateful for being an answer to someone’s prayer.

Next week it will include some photos. HAVE A FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING!!!!!! AND BE SAFE!

Elder Wawro

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good ol Conway

Dear Family,

How’s everyone doing?  I hope y'all enjoyed your week and that good California weather.

Things are going good here in Arkansas.  I forgot to mention this last week that my last two (2) transfers will be ending here in good ol Conway.  It seems crazy to me because after having spent so much time in Memphis and Tennessee in the first part of my Mission I thought that would be home throughout.  Boy was I wrong …I have spent already eleven (11) months on this (Arkansas) side and still have a little less than three (3) moths remaining.   I guess the Lord wanted me to spend the last half of my Mission here.

Last week ended with some good news and some excitement!  Carolyn, my recent convert had her granddaughter come to Church with her.  She seemed to have had a good time and we are going to try to start teaching her tonight and hopefully get to see her enter the waters of baptism this transfer.   Also, we got a referral from a member who has a nonmember granddaughter moving in with her and she wants to be baptized.   We have an appointment set up for Tuesday. 

It really is so good to me to hear how well y'all are doing. I hope everything continues to go well for y'all!  Time doesn't seem to want to slow down, I could have just sworn that Halloween was yesterday but we are almost at the halfway point for the month.

Please tell Brother and Sister Eggers ‘Thank You SO Much’ for their package!!!   The package mom send was great as well …those chocolate covered pomegranates are being put to good use :)

Elder Wawro

Friday, November 9, 2012

Seven new investigators

Dear Family,

WOW, I am happy to report that we had an awesome week!  No complaints coming out of Conway!

Heavenly Father has blessed us with almost a whole new teaching pool. We were able to get seven (7) new investigators and set a baptismal date with one of them.

We are teaching now some amazing people! One of them we have found because of the Presidential election sign ‘Romney/Ryan’, haha. 
Next week I hope to report that these families came out to Church and that all have baptismal dates.

I forgot to mention this and I guess you did not realize from the last baptismal picture, but I have a new companion. My current companion is Elder Ford, from Layton, Utah ….but not for long.  We just had interviews with President Petersen this last week and I will be training again to finish off my Mission.  

Can’t think of a better ways to end a Mission!   It will be exciting again, because like I said before I really enjoy training.

Hope y'all have a great week and enjoy yourselves!!!!

Elder Wawro

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy, alive and kicking!

Dear Family,

I'll start today's email with the not so good stuff so that I can end on the good note. First, the package - they did not have it at the office in my apartments, which could mean a couple things. I know that if it is by USPS they don't bring it to the door so i don't think that was the case. My guess is that the mail courier just gave it to the wrong person. I went to the post office to see if they would have it there, but they didn’t and they needed a tracking number to which I did not have.   I did get the money in the letter and it came at the perfect time because I had no money left and this week we only have one dinner appointment. So THANKS!!!!!

We are basically now down to one investigator and last week I had one of my slowest weeks on my Mission.   Although that is how I got my last two baptisms, without member support, Missionary work can be very hard and frustrating because people aren't really too fond of the Missionaries knocking on their door.   So please talk and share the gospel with friends and neighbors, so that this great work can continue to move forward. Of course it won't be easy but the more you do it the more natural and normal it will become to you. I am proud of all that you do for the Missionaries back home ...keep it up, y'all are awesome!!

Both Carolyn and Johnny are still doing great!  Johnny just got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and I know there are still lots of great things in store for him.   We will be trying to get Carolyn to the Temple for baptisms before the year ends.  

I am healthy, alive and kicking! So what more can I ask for. We are pressing forward and will continue to do our best.   I think you will like the picture.

Have a great week and be safe!!

Elder Wawro

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Miracles Happen

Dear Family,

It was good to hear from y'all again. 
First off I have some good news  ….our ‘miracle’ investigator Johnny did in fact get baptized on Saturday and it turned out to be a great baptismal service.  We probably had more than 50 people attending and our mission President and his wife got to come as well.

But getting to Saturday's baptism was quite a journey  ….here is the whole story.  Most of the week, we were not sure if he was going to be able to move out and resolve his roommate situation which would not have allowed him to be baptized.  On Wednesday Johnny came to the Institute and we invited to his lesson one of the Young Single Adults (YSA) who were present in the building.  After the lesson Johnny was updating us on his housing situation and told us that he still had not found a place to move.  The YSA who was with us spoke up and said he knew of some great inexpensive apartments.   Johnny got the apartment, but was told that he would not be able to move in until Monday.   Because he did not wanted to postpone the baptism one week he asked if he could stay with a member of the Ward for that weekend.  
Well it worked out that he did and because of Johnny's faith and prayers of many, including yours, the miracle took place and Johnny was baptized.   He can also claim that he was baptized by Joseph Smith because he asked to be baptized by a member of the Ward by that name, haha:)

I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!!!!!! Miracles Happen!!!

Elder Wawro

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Riding in the rain

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the emails, letters and for the pictures.

Just like y'all we had a really good week here in Conway. We got to see our ‘miracle’ investigator come to Church again and it’s just so awesome to see him participate in classes. His testimony these past few weeks has really been being strengthened. We are excited for this next weekend and hope to report back to you next Monday of his baptism   ….plus will have some pictures for you.   We also had another investigator of ours, come to Church and we were able to set a baptismal date with him for the 10th of November  ….what else we can ask for?  We really have been greatly blessed with success.  Yes, it is hard work but always (no matter the day) completely worth it.  Even when you bike in the rain like we did this past week on a bike week.  (You never think you could be so happy riding in the rain except as a Missionary, it’s awesome!)

Carolyn is doing great ….she continues to read the Book of Mormon, watched parts of Conference, and came to Church yesterday.  She is going to be feeding us tomorrow as well.   Everything is going great for us lately - we are enjoying the work, having fun and of course working hard.

I love y'all and appreciate your prayers, because I know I need them always. Have a great week and make life fun.

Elder Wawro

Friday, October 12, 2012

Finish off strong

Dear Family,

I know what you mean about a spiritual feast ….. General Conference was SWEEEEEEEET! I truly hope that the lowering of age limits will help to have more Missionaries out in the field and I know that it will since this decision was made by revelation.

We sure did have some investigators watch General Conference   ….our miracle investigator from almost 3 weeks ago, watched every single session both Saturday and Sunday at a member’s home, and even came for Priesthood session!  That’s what I'm talking about.   And we also had a new investigator come as well – great man - more on him (hopefully) next week.

I had some bitter (not really bitter more like sad) feelings when closing hymn "God be with you till we meet again" was sang at the close of the last session of the Conference knowing that the next time I will watch the General Conference   ….I would be off my Mission and that’s a horrible thought to think about. But what can you do?  ...nothing - just finish off strong!

Not much else   ….weather here is beautiful, it is starting to cool down, and I love it.

Keep having fun, be safe, and enjoy life!

Elder Wawro

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D to the T to the O to the S to the E to the R ....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zero complaints:)

Dear Family,
Y'all probably know that today is transfer week, but no worries here because since I am training we are staying to finish up the training. That is exciting because we enjoy serving together and packing bags isn't any fun.

Great news - Carolyn was baptized on Saturday and we are really excited for her.   The Baptismal service turned out really nice and we had a good amount of the Ward members for support and welcoming.   Elder Ackerman enjoyed his very first baptism.

This our progressing well with our young man investigator,  He is still very much interested and last Monday during the lesson we set a baptismal date with him for the 20th of October. He came to Church yesterday and he is doing really great!  Your prayers on behalf of our investigators are always much appreciated.

So all in all everything is fantastic and I have 0 complaints. I love my Mission, I love this work.   Now we just need to continue to find more wonderful people to teach and keep the ball rolling. I can't believe General Conference is this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Time is passing way too fast.

Have a great week, enjoy yourselves, and enjoy Conference. The only thing I can think of needing is a few stamps and I mean just a few.   Love Y'all!!!!

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What more could you ask for?

Dear Family,

I don't know if I can express in words the gratitude I feel for the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us this last week and how much at times I am undeserving, yet with love He showers blessings upon us.

Where to start?... Our awesome couple investigators I’ve mentioned previously both came to Church yesterday for the second time and loved it.  Both are still scheduled to be baptized this Saturday (9-29-2012).    Elder Ackerman gets to experience his first baptisms!   …we are really excited.

But our joy doesn't just stop with them. Late Friday afternoon we were blessed with a miracle.  We had a dinner appointment set for 5pm, and the previous night in our planning session we decided that we would do some sort of finding for about an hour leading up to dinner.   We parked in a neighborhood near our dinner appointment and decided we would contact instead of knocking doors because tracting is less effective unless inspired to do so.   So we walked for about 20-30 minutes and get to talk to only one person because there was no one outside.  As time was winding down, we came to a small T intersection, and then the decision was ours, which way do we go?  Well as I thought and looked it seemed to me in a way I never experienced before that the left side seemed to be brighter …like it would glow and I knew that’s the way we needed to go.  So as we turned left and walked passing one of the first houses I felt impression that we should knock   ….so I followed the prompting and knocked on the door.    The door answered young man, he let us in and we talked briefly and set a comeback appointment for next day.   We came back Saturday and had a great lesson and then yesterday (Sunday) he came to Church and tonight he will be eating dinner with us at a Member’s home.    I know that Heavenly Father has prepared him to accept the Gospel at this time.  I can see him being baptized in the month of October and we should be setting a baptismal date with him this week.   I am so grateful to be serving a Mission. I am grateful that Heavenly Father loves me and that because of the sacrifice of my Elder brother, Jesus Christ I can be forgiven and find happiness in my life.


Keep these wonderful individuals in your prayers and I greatly appreciate your love and support. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Remember it is not only full time Missionaries that can have these experiences, YOU CAN TO!

Recently, Elder Ackerman and I got fed deer enchiladas at the dinner appointment …. and a Brother in the Ward said he found a place where they sell raccoon and the next time we get fed by them we are getting raccoon. I am excited, what more could you ask for?

Elder Wawro

Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear Family,

Oh what an up and down week this has been for us, filled with lot of hope and good news.  If you recall my near frustrations from last week regarding our investigator with whom we have had really phenomenal lessons but who could not commit to the baptism  ….you will be pleased to know that he accepted a baptismal date for October 15th  YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When things like this happen it just reestablishes the knowledge that all the sacrifices and hard work we are putting in is all so worth it.   Well, Heavenly Father did not just stop there with blessing us; He blessed us to set another baptismal date with one of our older investigators. I mentioned her a few weeks back, and not until this past Wednesday were we able to meet with her again.  Because it took so long to be able to meet with her again we were skeptical about how interested she may have really been.   To our surprise and amazement, she told us that she read and prayed a lot and was able to explain some misunderstandings about the Church to her husband who had been skeptical about her meeting with us.   Both her and her husband are great people and have a wonderful family. She would have come to Church yesterday but she woke up with severe swellings in her eyes.   We feel so blessed and are really looking forward to see our awesome investigators coming to Church.

Thank you for sending me some of my pictures from before my Mission.  I can't believe that all of them were taken more than two years ago. My face has definitely gotten more round and chubbier in these last 19 months.   I am really glad to hear that all is going well back home.   I did in fact get all of your letters …thank you!  
Just a fun fact, in the September's ‘Ensign’ Magazine is an article about sharing the gospel by being you written by Sister Jensen, Sister Missionary in my District. KEEP DOING MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!

Have fun!!!

Elder Wawro

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chose to humble myself

Dear Family,

Wow, so this past week has been bit frustrating and to be honest I was a little bitter and angry yesterday for parts of the day, but today I have chosen to humble myself because it totally sucks not having the spirit and anger is a first class to miserable.  We have lot to be grateful for and rejoice about. We were able to reset our investigators baptismal dates for the 29th of this month!!!  They had to travel to Chicago this week which meant they were not able to come to Church but they have two more weeks to make up for any losses.   We also have been teaching for a while now an awesome young man who is really progressing, especially these last two weeks.  We have been teaching him at our Ward Mission Leader’s home and the spirit have been incredibly strong but he just won't say yes to baptism, even when the spirit has been pricking his heart as the scriptures says.

I don't know the weather y'all are having there in California but this weekend here in Conway was gorgeous!! Too bad it ended today and we probably will not see this king of weather again till fall hits us here.

When I read your emails today and you talked about Preston going to college it hit me that I didn't realize how much has changed back home.  

I will end with a quick tidbit about my companion Elder Ackerman.  He has a cousin who just returned back from... what do you think? ....Poland. Crazy huh!!   Anyway, keep up the good work back home, have fun, be safe, and enjoy success!

Elder Wawro

Elder Wawro and Elder Smith

Got Milk?

Transfer Day - my new companion Elder Ackerman

P-Day Service project

Eaten by the fish

Nothing like a Razorback pop tart

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work is progressing

Dear Family,

Bad news, our 'baptism set' investigators did not come to Church yesterday. BIG BUMMER! So their dates had to drop BUT there is always another Saturday open, so we are going to check up with them tonight and see how they are doing and reset a date with them. Once we do that we will get the train rolling back up again because they are progressing so well and they will be baptized.

A lot of good things are going on here, maybe not at super speed like we would like them too, but slowly and surely we are finding the Lord's prepared and these wonderful people here are progressing. We have a teaching appointment later tonight at the member’s house with our newest investigator to teach him the Plan of Salvation.  We have taken him on a church tour and taught him first lesson.  The difficult thing is getting him to Church because he works every Sunday although he said that things are looking pretty good for this upcoming Sunday.  We also found this past week another awesome investigator.  More to come on their status as we teach her and her family.

This past week treated us pretty well, especially when some of the rainy weather made it just a tad bit cooler. We got some nice gusty winds and some heavy rain for about two days but nothing that would cause any damage.

So SORRY, remember how I promised pictures last week, well I was all prepared today to send them to you, but I forgot the library was closed and the computer that we are using in the Family History room does not have the program installed to upload my pictures through the USB and there is SD card reader.   
Enjoy the trip up to BYU-I and be safe.  Sending Kayla my best wishes and I hope she does fantastic this semester!!!!   Have fun. :-)

Elder Wawro

Friday, August 31, 2012

First week with my new companion

Dear Family,

My first week with my new companion went by great.  His name is Elder Ackerman and he is from Elko, Nevada. You will be passing through it if I remember correctly on the way to BYU Idaho. I was happy with the way this week went because I really wanted his first week in the Mission to go well.   And it ended well yesterday (Sunday) with two of our investigators finally coming to Church. They loved it, they enjoyed the classes and they seem to be doing really well.  Both still have baptismal dates for September 8th and coming to Church yesterday is really going to help them be prepared for the special covenant of baptism. So having two baptisms lined up is not a shabby way of to start a Mission for Elder Ackerman.

On our second day together we host a table at Hendrix College and that was probably a frightening thing to do as a new Missionary but we enjoyed it, although it was not as successful as we were hoping.  As we were there we realized that our table was the only one with a picture of Jesus Christ and everyone just had display boards with fun activities and gave free things away, and that is just another testament to me that this is the Lord's Church and we were proud of it.  We are going to be doing something similar at another college here.

We try to stay creative here with finding activities because the thing we struggle with the most is consistently finding new investigators.  These past two weeks we have found 0.   We do quite a bit of personal finding but it’s not the most effective way to build our teaching pool.   We focus our efforts on working with the members.  Every baptism I have had this year thus far has come from a member referral and they all got baptized no longer than a month and half after we first met them.  So I would encourage you to be of help to Missionaries in your Ward, be bold with non member family, friends and neighbors, they all had one thing in common and that is that they do not have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    And as ‘Preach My Gospel’ teaches, the members are full time finders and the Missionaries are full time teachers.   Trust me I have done a lot of finding in my mission and it nowhere near as effective as member Missionary work.   So I again encourage y'all to share the gospel naturally and normally.  Invitations are easy all you have to do is ask.  

I love this work, I love all the experiences I have had on my Mission and I would not trade them for the world.  

I love y'all so much.
Have a great week, enjoy the last few weeks of the summer and have fun!!!

Elder Wawro

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dealing with disappointment

Dear Family,

This week definitely had its ups and downs here in Conway.  On Saturday night we were expecting to have four investigators to Church but unfortunately none of them came.  We felt really disappointed as we worked very hard the whole week to get them there so that they can more fully prepare for baptism and they did not show up.  They can't progress unless they come to Church.  We’ve got to be creative and figure out the way to get these wonderful people to Church. 

On the positive note, three of our progressing investigators accepted baptismal dates for September. This coming week we are going to be having a table booth set up at one of the colleges here in town.   We are excited and we pray hard that it will be very successful.

I love y'all and thanks for the package, the belts are great!

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keys to following promptings

Dear Family,

So this last week here in Conway has been our best so far this transfer.  Transfer is next week not this week as you thought, but because last week I have had interviews with my Mission President I can give you the transfer scoop one week early.  I will be staying here in Conway and I will be training next transfer a brand new Missionary.   I am super excited because out of all the Missionary leadership, training is my favorite.

So now you don't have to wonder anymore, I will be here for another 12 weeks.

Just yesterday we had Stake Conference here in the North Little Rock Stake.  Elder Giddens from the Second Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke and it was really good.  Sadly enough we did not get any investigators there. But last week was an improvement and we are going to do everything in our power to get our investigators to Church this week.   One of our investigators who previously took the Missionary discussions while leaving in Michigan is making a good progress.  We took him on a Church tour this past week to make him more comfortable visiting again on Sunday.  He met our Bishop who did a great job fellowshipping him and answering questions - that was really  nice.  
Also President Petersen had asked me to go to a training conducted by Elder Bluth, Area Seventy down in Hot Springs for the Ward Council Outreach.   As Elder Bluth taught us there was something that stuck out to me and I know it is something that every one can apply in their lives.
It’s the 4 keys to following Promptings:
1) Consistently pray for promptings. The more we obey them the more we receive.
2) Don't get discouraged when you a follow a prompting and it does not work out the way you wanted it to and don't question whether it was prompting or not.
3) Share your promptings with your companion (for non-missionaries an example would be spouse)
4) Never be embarrassed by your promptings and never discourage/make fun of other's promptings.

I hope Elder Treadway doesn't think I am ignoring him, because two or three P-Days ago I sent him a letter in reply to one he sent me. So hopefully he gets it or maybe he has just recently gotten it.

A member here in Conway owns a Chiropractic and Wellness Center and I went there and got my left thumb fixed, the one that I hurt while playing football at BYU-I.   So that was sweet.   I really appreciate the pictures y'all have sent me and I will try to send some pictures to you next week.  

Thanks again for everything!!! Have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Wawro

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dear Family,

I never thought that 18 months could go by as fast as two weeks  …but it feels that way and every second of it has been a great joy and thrill.  Nothing worth having comes easy and my Mission is so special to me because it has been a refining process, full of bumps and bruises, and trials and errors, but always fun. Because I get to do the greatest work ever!!

The past week went by pretty fast, even with recovering from being sick (cold) - nothing that DayQuil can't fix.  In a numbers perspective, this week was not too successful but looking back on our efforts and the faith we have exercised this week was a success. And we ended last week with a bang – a really good day yesterday.   We got two new investigators both of whom in the past have spoken with Missionaries but for one reason or another never progressed toward baptism. So we are going to change that.  The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit will be our tools in helping the sons and daughters of God here in Conway come closer to Christ and His church.

I apologize for my attitude and lack of optimism last week in my email.  This is a great area, full of awesome members and wonderful people. What more could one ask for?   I've got all that I need here to have tons of success, so we are going to go out and get it!

I appreciate your love and support from back home and I always enjoy those extra weekly letters mom. I don't need anything as of right now but thanks for asking.  And mom I have been meaning to congratulate you on finishing the Book of Mormon on/before July 24th. So here it is, GOOD JOB MOM.   As for my reading, I am taking a little different of an approach, I am taking my time and really trying to read in between the lines and get as much of it as I can.  I am on page 198 or 199 and it’s funny because I read the Book of Mormon everyday and when I finish this time it will be the third time on my Mission.

I love y'all and good luck with all the upcoming things.  Please tell Russell Westrup Congratulations! for me.

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hoping for a better week ahead

Dear Family,

Well, things have just been rough lately.  Last Monday was great but from Tuesday on, everything just tanked.   I’ve been a little sick these past two days, but I am feeling better and hoping that by tomorrow I should be perfectly tuned again.

We didn't have any investigators at Church yesterday and so our baptismal dates dropped because of their ‘no show’.  
I kind of need this P-Day to get my mind right.

We have used car this entire week and will stay in car at least until the end of this transfer.

I'm really glad to hear things are going well back home.  Please tell Kayla HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! for me.  I can't believe that ‘little girl’ is turning 19 - I'll be sending her a card and pictures from parts of my Mission that you all can share.

My prayers will be with y'all.  Wish you a great week and hope that everything will go well.

Elder Wawro

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D to the T to the O to the S to the E

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things are looking up for us

Dear Family,

It has been rather slow week here, but things are looking up for us.
In this area we have bike weeks and every two weeks we only use bikes.  We aren't allowed too many miles, so this week we spent most of the time biking - I guess our bike week this month seems like it has already started and won't end until the end of the month.   But that’s alright - it'll keep me in shape.

We did set two baptismal dates for August 11th with an elderly couple, and we will be going back tonight to teach them again. We are going to be focusing on teaching them about personal revelation and how to receive it.

This past Saturday we also participated in a Ward Council outreach. All four Stakes in our Mission are focusing their efforts on reaching out (rescue) to the less active members, and in helping the Missionaries, so the Stakes and Mission coordinate the ongoing Ward Council outreach where each participating Ward designates a Saturday morning/afternoon to do it.   The Mission provides as many Missionaries as are needed to to do mini splits to visit all the less active members and invite them back.

Also you would be surprised to hear that this morning for exercise me and my companion plus some others Elders played tennis. Boy do I suck nowadays, haha.

Love y'all and enjoy your week!!!!!

Elder Wawro

Elder Wawro and Elder Anderson - 4th of July feast with Elder and Sister Kenworthy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hard Work ....all day

Dear Family,

Conway, Arkansas is a city of about 52,000 people.  There are eight Missionaries here, one set of Spanish, one set of Sisters, and two sets of English speaking Elders.  Funny enough this area was highly desirable to serve in the beginning of my Mission, but I never thought I would be lucky enough to serve here - and here I am eating my own words 17 months later.  

I am very excited to be here especially because there lots of work ahead of us here to bring this area in numbers of baptisms to what it used to be - last baptism was about 7 months ago.  I will do all that I can to make things better.   Luckily, if I were to give an accounting after leaving all my areas I have left them all better then I found them  ….so there is hope.   I am also excited because I have a great companion to serve with. His name is Elder Smith and he is from Centerville, Utah.   He has been out for 8 months, and has been in Conway for two transfers and now working with me on his third.  The members here are great and there is so much potential here, so we are going to work hard, increase our faith and receive the blessings (Baptism:)  After all that is what we have been sent out to do.    Elder Anderson has stayed in North Little Rock and is now serving with Elder Graham whom I served with back in January and February and part of March.

A member of the Ward here in Conway, Brother McFadden, served his mission is Sacramento, California.   He served in the old Arcade ward which I think now is the Natomas 1st Ward.  He remembers eating at the Tonga Family's home.

I do not have much else to report on because this past week here has been rather slow so next will have more spiritual things included.

Have a great week. Have fun and thanks for your love and support!!!  
Send my love to the McCombs’ family.  

Elder Wawro

Elder Andersen and Elder Wawro at Charles' and Alberta's baptism

Charles and Alberta in their baptismal whites   ...they look so ready:)

Downtown Little Rock - view from North Little Rock

Little Rock State Capitol - view from North Little Rock

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On my way Conway

Dear Family,

Well, things are good for me here.  I guess I have two items of news. First, I ....will be getting transferred.  I have known that for three weeks but didn’t say anything just in case something changed.  Because President Petersen have talked to me about it, I also know where I will be serving next - Conway Arkansas.

The second item of news is about baptisms – two baptisms out of planned three that is great!!!!!  Alberta and Charles were baptized and it was such a sweet experience and there was great Ward support.  I hope that a year from now they will get sealed in the Temple and we can as a family come and see it.   Well, I guess that is a desire of my heart.   Lisa should - I mean - WILL be getting baptized this Saturday, so hopefully I can come back and attend it.

Good thing Elder Deal is ok - we actually had some Elders back in January get pistol whipped and robbed in Memphis. But it turned out well and no one was seriously injured or hurt.  Please tell Sharon congratulations!!

Love Y'all,
Elder Wawro

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunshine in my soul

Dear Family,

Thanks for the pictures, it was really cool to see that garden in the backyard, it seems like everyone here in the south has them and so I actually was wondering this past week about how the backyard could make for a good garden.  I did receive the letters from y'all.

This past week here has been good to us.  Our top three investigators are scheduled to be baptized this week, so if everything goes well, we will be having three baptisms this week.  It’s just incredible how much the Lord has blessed me and Elder Anderson these past few weeks.

I do not have much else to report, it’s just crazy to think that I have been out on my mission for 17 months, boy am I getting old:)   And things will just keep on flying by which is even scarier.  Time does fly when you are having fun.

This is the last week of the transfer so next Monday I will be emailing you whether I am being transferred or not.

Have a great week - enjoy the 4th of July but be safe.

Elder Wawro

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heavenly Father blessed us with a great week

Dear Family,

Well I feel really bad right now because after seeing that Elder Treadway wrote me and y'all, I realized that I am the worst letter writer in the world. It looks like I have couple families to write to.
Thanks for the pictures - it was good to see Elder Treadway having success out in the field.

Well, this past week was certainly better than last week and a lot more successful.  I love seeing lots of member missionary work happening.  We have a family in the ward, The Reynold's, they invited their neighbors to dinner and a lesson last Wednesday.  It worked out really well and we are now teaching them …what a great people. We taught them twice last week and they came to church yesterday and were fellowshipped so well, I was in awe, never seen better fellowshipping my entire mission. We are hoping for them to be baptized before the end of this transfer.  The wife even recognized the spirit during Sacrament Meeting while (Senior Couple) Elder and Sister Kenworthy sang.  She told me right before Sunday School that she felt goose bumps while the Kenworthys sang and I asked what the goose bumps was. She then answered and realized it was the Holy Ghost. And after she realized it was the Holy Ghost it became a spiritual experience for her.   Heavenly Father blessed us with a great week here.

Also last night in my last Ward there was a Devotional directed towards non-members in the Community, to teach them that we are Christians and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.  This idea and the need started from a recent incident in Little Rock when a Christian School did not accept an application for an LDS student to attend that school because they were "Mormons" not Christians. The Devotional was powerful and helpful and it was great being able to be there and feel the Spirit of Christ present there.

Kayla, keep pressing forward and don't give up and just enjoy and have a smile on your face. Spiritually minded is life Eternal:). I am very proud of you.

Love Y’ALL and have a great fun week.

Elder Wawro

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rebuilding stages

Dear Family,

So this week I made sure that I sent pictures and hope you got them all.
I have a new companion, his name is Elder Anderson and he is from Idaho. It sure was crazy transfer and a half, just pray for me and for the Lord to help in all things.

The past week was really slow, not much going on. We are in the rebuilding stages of this area and we really need to build up the teaching pool here. So that is going to be our big focus these next couple of weeks – finding individuals and families to teach.

I was really glad to hear that Father’s Day went well, and I realized last week I forgot to tell you dad Happy Father’s day, So here it is although HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla, keep working hard, don’t give up and make sure you don't hurt yourself, haha. Stay awesome.

Well, I love all of you so much, and I hope you have a great week.  Make sure you tell Elder Tyelar Eggers ‘Hi’ for me.  Enjoy the pics!!!

Elder Wawro

Abigail's Baptism - Bishop, isn't she awesome?

Refreshing shake after baptism

Elder Wawro on the go

Oxford, Alabama

Alabama flash flooding