Thursday, January 26, 2012

No longer in my teens

Dear Family,

Thanks for all of your love!

I guess I am now 20, no longer in my teens, which means it’s all downhill from here.... just kidding. It was one year ago that I celebrated my 19th birthday with you all. Time just never stops.

Yea I don’t think I'll ever get grandma package because postal service man brought it to my old address in Frayser (Memphis) and asked my old companion if he was Matt Wawro (signature required), he replied ‘No’, so the postman just walked away. So I really don’t know what’s going to happen to it.   I also haven't got your package yet, I will pick it up on Wednesday at the Mission office.  For the time being, we are staying in the in the same house so my Little Rock address will remain the same.

As expected, Elder Graham and I will be staying together for at least this next transfer.

Last week started off well.  The Zone Conference went well and I really enjoyed doing training. I like the preparation process beforehand, just being able to witness the spirit at work helping you to organize all your thoughts and ideas and do the will of the Father …it’s awesome.  Thanks for your prayers.  The rest of last week though was a struggle for me, but the we were blessed to have had a baptism of Hakeem this past Saturday. He is the son of a recent convert in the ward. He is a really cool young man and hopefully one day he can serve a mission.

Although we had a baptism the work is hard because there isn't much going on in this area.   It’s hard for me because every area that I go into usually doesn't have much going on. So I guess I just need to work harder …which I certainly will.

Thanks for the pictures you guys have sent me   …they were really nice and you guys are just silly for making a cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ when I wasn't there ....HAHA you guys are so funny.

GOOD JOB on the missionary work, keep it up and never be afraid to share the Gospel with anyone. I wish the best to you all with that missionary opportunity.

Dad, my companion and I had a meeting with the Stake and Mission President and we brought up the idea of having the Saints Unified Voices and Sister Gladys Knight come to Little Rock.   Elder Graham before his mission while living in Baltimore had SUV and Sister Knight perform in his Stake. Having them come to this area would be the GREATEST thing ever. That would open up a lot of doors for the Missionary work.  Thanks for the info!

Have a great week. I love you guys!!

Elder Wawro

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dear Family,

I am not going to make this email long this week but I would like to thank you for your love and early birthday wishes, sometimes I just stop and think, " I'm still only 19" but that’s a good thing. I like being the young kid on the block.

Mom, I did get your letter, I will be finding out about the package from grandma today, and yes I am excited for the package from you guys. This past week was a bit of a struggle but I feel a lot better about a few things today.

Mom, here are answers to your questions about travel, meetings and stuff. As Zone Leaders we do 2 types of meetings 1) Zone Meeting - that is when we have a meeting for two hours with our Zone members (currently 22 Missionaries two Missionary couples). 2) Zone Conference - we teach at most of them either as a companionship or individually whatever President Petersen asks of us. We do it in front of 2 Zones of roughly 50 Missionaries.  Actually we have a Zone Meeting this Wednesday and Elder Graham and I are doing training together for 45 about minutes. Pray for me!!

We do travel in our Zones so I will definitely venture further than when I was a District Leader.

Have a great day and week I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Tell Josch congratulations for me.

Elder Wawro

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Early transfer to Little Rock ....with a surprise

Dear Family,

I guess you have not gotten the letter yet that I sent you but what it says and what I am going to say came to me as a HUGE surprise. This past Thursday I have received an early transfer (three weeks before regular transfers) and was called to serve as a Zone Leader in Little Rock. CRAZY I definitely was not expecting that. That transfer happened only between me and one missionary. So I came back to Little Rock (MAPLE STREET area), same city as 8 months ago but a little different area.  My Mission President gave me lots of good council and ensured me that who the Lord calls He qualifies. So I am excited to be a Zone Leader, ready to be taught by others and become a far better Missionary then what I am now.  My new companion is Elder Graham who has been out for 18 months. He is really cool. Convert to the church and baptized around 3 years ago. He is originally from Jamaica but for the past nine years lived in Baltimore. I will learn a lot from him that’s for sure.

You are probably just as shocked now as I was. HAHA PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!

I really like this area and I know that when I will serve my hardest I will love it just as much as Frayser.  Not sure how long we’ll stay in our current house because we live in a rough area and it’s an old house.  I will keep you up dated on that, so it might be better to send my B-day package to the office.

It’s crazy that Brandon Treadway is living with a recently returned Missionary form the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. You are going to have to find out for me his name.

That little miracle on Christmas was just about us working hard that night without much success, so we started to walk home after a long day and man pulled up in his car on the street and asked us who we were etc.  We started talking and we eventually saw him the following week and had a good lesson.  We found later that he was going to be moving away for college (bummer).... but we made arrangements for the Missionaries in his college city to visit him.

Thanks for your prayers and loving emails!!!  I wish you all a wonderful week full of many blessings. And still good news, the wonderful lady named Georgia whose baptismal date was for the 21st of January will be baptized instead on the 15th. So that means I will be missing her baptism but that’s ok.  I’m so happy for her. She is so awesome, it’s crazy how prepared for the gospel she was.

Have a great week and tell everyone I love them.

Elder Wawro

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love being a Missionary

Dear Family,

So this week had its ups and downs but I am feeling up so there is no need to worry.  We had really cool experience with one of our investigators.  She came to Church for the first time and the Sisters in the Ward were so awesome and really did a good job of fellowshipping her. She really enjoyed the Relief Society and at one point even cried because of the spirit she felt, that was the BEST news ever.  She is really doing good. We love her a lot.

It’s really funny how three of my friends are entering the MTC one right after another for 3 weeks straight. I am so proud of those guys, they are the best. Elder Tonga, Elder Treadway, and soon to be Elder Froude are going to do great.

We have a lot to look forward to this week and those coming up. I love being a Missionary especially when you get a delicious batch of pigeon poop in the mail. Thanks a lot mom, it was amazingly good  ….you are the best!

I don’t know if I ever told you this but I haven’t missed a day writing in my journal (I’m so proud of myself).  So along with the garments can you please send me a new journal?  Thanks:)

I love you guys and I wish the best to all of you. I wish Kayla good luck with her new semester. Have fun Kayla but work hard always.

Elder Wawro

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