Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dear Family,

I am not going to make this email long this week but I would like to thank you for your love and early birthday wishes, sometimes I just stop and think, " I'm still only 19" but that’s a good thing. I like being the young kid on the block.

Mom, I did get your letter, I will be finding out about the package from grandma today, and yes I am excited for the package from you guys. This past week was a bit of a struggle but I feel a lot better about a few things today.

Mom, here are answers to your questions about travel, meetings and stuff. As Zone Leaders we do 2 types of meetings 1) Zone Meeting - that is when we have a meeting for two hours with our Zone members (currently 22 Missionaries two Missionary couples). 2) Zone Conference - we teach at most of them either as a companionship or individually whatever President Petersen asks of us. We do it in front of 2 Zones of roughly 50 Missionaries.  Actually we have a Zone Meeting this Wednesday and Elder Graham and I are doing training together for 45 about minutes. Pray for me!!

We do travel in our Zones so I will definitely venture further than when I was a District Leader.

Have a great day and week I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Tell Josch congratulations for me.

Elder Wawro