Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stop spoiling me:-)

Dear Family,

Thanks for the picture from MTC.  It was awesome that Elder Treadway got to greet and guide Elder Eggers, what a neat experience.
Seems like every week I am thanking you guys for something. Stop spoiling me ….. seriously, haha.  I love being spoiled though.

Mom, the Zone meeting you read about online was not ours, but Elder Graham and I did well at our Zone meeting.   …. we were happy with how it turned out and consider it a success. We have focused our training on effective ways to help our investigators getting to Church and ways we should use members in teaching and fellowshipping the investigators as each investigator needs a spiritual conversion (Missionaries job) and a social conversion (Members job).

In my personal study this morning, when reading in ‘Jesus the Christ’ I’ve learned that I need to increase my reliance on power of prayer and use it more effectively …great and positive awakening.  
Our Mission is doing great and we are praying for miracles    ….they will come.

I have finally managed to get you some pictures. Have a great week and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

Elder Wawro

Frayser - Transfer day

My Little Kingdom

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D
to the T .....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delicious pizza delivery on my 1 year anniversary

Dear Family,

THANKS for the delicious pizza delivery on my 1 year anniversary, you guys are the best. It was a true miracle how this delivery worked out since on the night of February 02, I was on exchanges with a District Leader in the old area of Little Rock where I’ve previously served.  

It was good to hear that the SUV Choir and Gladys Knight fireside performances were a hit, what a true blessing to have them in our home Stake.

This week and especially today has been really busy. Our week was slow until yesterday where we had gotten 2 new investigators and found 3 pretty solid potential investigators ….all in 30 minutes of tracting.  It was good to finish the week strong. Tomorrow we have our Zone Meeting so Elder Graham and I spent from 9:00 a.m. this morning until about 12:30 p.m. preparing for it.  I love the preparation that leads up to the actual teaching. It’s cool receiving revelation and guidance to what to say or do.
Well family and friends I love you guys ALL so much!!!!! Have a great week.

Elder Wawro

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Basically almost exhausted

Dear Family,

THANKS so much for the birthday package, man was it sweet. The new journal is crazy cool but my favorite like always are the pictures you’ve send. Those are always my favorites. Thanks for everything!!!!

You are going to have to tell Brother Morton thanks as well for his card and gift he sent me. Tell him he is the best home teacher on the planet!

I do not have much to write about this past week …it was really busy and I have just been really tired these past few days, basically almost exhausted, but that’s ok.

I promise to send pictures next week because I have not sent any in a while.  Also could you get me Elder Treadway’s mailing address at the MTC so that I can send him a hand written letter. Thanks!

I hope you guys have a fun and exciting week. Be safe as well!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YALL

Elder Wawro