Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the Lord's errand

Dear Family,

Ok, we are first going to set things straight, I work out every morning, it’s just when you eat well every day and since I don’t play football anymore, I have no effective way to keep the weight off. But don't worry, when the summer comes and I will be sweating to death then the weight loss is guaranteed.

This past bike week went very well, obviously there are always things to improve upon but it was not a bad week at all. We have some really wonderful investigators that we are teaching and as the weeks progress I will update you on them, but things are looking good.

I feel like my companion and I gaining the trust of the members here in the Ward, and as we work better with them the work will move even faster and more efficiently. So far so good although that doesn't mean there hasn't been hardships because adversary is working really hard, probably harder than ever. He wants us to fail because he knows how many people are ready here in this area to here the good news of the restored Gospel.   We won't give up because we are on the Lord’s errand.

Mom, despite the change in my address I did get all the letters from both you and Kayla. Thank you for them, they are greatly appreciated. So excited for Kayla's summer job …she will do great!  Thank you again for all your help and support!!

Today as I prayed in the morning I felt like I should read through the white handbook and make a list of my personal deviations from doing the Lord’s work in His way.  In personal studies I went through it with strong desire or motivation, got half way and I made already a list of 16 variations so far.  They are mostly small things that I need to improve upon but it’s the small and simple things that bring to pass great things. That made an impact on me today so I thought I would share it with you. 

I will pray for you all and also for your success as missionaries, which is a sacred obligation we all have as members of Christ's true Church.

Tell Michael Hendrix good luck for me and that I am proud of him!!!

Elder Wawro

Mission Tour with Elder Stephen & Nancy Allen and Brother Lee Donaldson
February 2012 - North Little Rock and Little Rock Zones