Friday, April 27, 2012

Feel like home

Dear Family,

Sorry for the late email but today we have been very busy. I really like it here in my new area and I feel like home. I am serving in North Little Rock with Elder Bluth. He is a great young Missionary and I have really enjoyed these past couple of days.  It will be a great transfer!  

Now instead of a car I get to drive a truck.  It is pretty sweet.  My companion and I are in charge of helping Missionaries move when going to different areas and we will likely be helping with the move once or few times a week.  

Good news is that I get to go to see the baptisms this coming weekend.  I’m so excited.  It will be good to visit in my last Ward.   We also could be having a baptism this Sunday here in my new area and I really hope that it will happen. We got lots going on and I am excited for the work here.

Got to go  ...have a great week.  I love you all!
Elder Wawro

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another transfer

Dear Family,

Well, once again I am getting transferred but this time I was informed about it in advance. I found that out last week from President Petersen. I will no longer be a Zone Leader but was asked to finish training a really good Elder in North Little Rock and I am excited to do that.  And since the area I’m getting transferred to is so close to my current area, I think President Petersen will allow me to attend the baptism of my current investigators since we have two investigators who will be getting baptized that week, and one of them, has asked me to speak at his baptism.  I fill so much joy for those two wonderful people who I have grown to love. They were so greatly prepared by the Lord and will be a blessing to His Church.

Sorry I know I owe you pictures of my current companion.  I will be taking pictures with Elder Taylor on transfer day when we’ll get our new companions, so next week I will send so pictures of me and him. He has been a great companion and I really have enjoyed serving with him. He is and will be a great asset to this Mission.

Please give Michael Deal my best wishes; I can't believe all of my friends will be on their missions as of Wednesday.   I don't have much else to report this week.  Thank for you support, letters and pictures.  I pray that all of you will have a great week.

Elder Wawro

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D
to the T to the O

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biking this week

Dear Family,

Sorry for the late email, hope I didn't make you worry, we went to the Little Rock Zoo and visited the historical Central High School which was the first integrated school in America. I bought a postcard and will be sending it out to you today.

Our investigator is still looking good for his baptism on April 28th ….has been so well prepared by the Lord.

I get to go on exchanges tomorrow to city called Hot Springs and that’s probably the exciting news for this week   …and we are biking this week.  
I have created my profile page and you can check it out by searching my name.  Don’t worry it’s all approved by the Mission President.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe, talk to you next week.

Elder Wawro

Tarzan moment:)

On the way to Little Rock Central High School

Little Rock Central High School
front portal

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful rainbow right before the Priesthood session

Dear Family,

Not much to report this week, I guess because it was not as busy as the week before.

We have a wonderful new investigator. He is the husband of a member of our Ward.  They are a great family and have so much love for one another. It is such a great blessing and privilege to be teaching him.  It’s so wonderful being able to see how the gospel changes people’s lives and desires.   We have a baptismal date with him for April 28 so we are excited for that.

So glad that you had a great week watching the General Conference …it was awesome.  Also it’s always good to see a beautiful rainbow right before the Priesthood session, huh dad?, lucky you.

I got the package ….Mom you are the best.  Thank you for all the wonderful goodies and awesome letter.

This week we will be going to Memphis, Tennessee for the Zone Leader Council so that is all the new news from this side.

I love you all so much. Please send my love and appreciation to family and friends! 
Have a great week!!

Elder Wawro

Elder Wawro & Elder Crotts
Memphis Tennessee Temple

Elder Wawro & Elder Badger

Elder Wawro & Elder Graham

Elder Wawro & Elder Hardy

Elder Wawro with Elder Keddington & Elder Sudweeks