Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biking this week

Dear Family,

Sorry for the late email, hope I didn't make you worry, we went to the Little Rock Zoo and visited the historical Central High School which was the first integrated school in America. I bought a postcard and will be sending it out to you today.

Our investigator is still looking good for his baptism on April 28th ….has been so well prepared by the Lord.

I get to go on exchanges tomorrow to city called Hot Springs and that’s probably the exciting news for this week   …and we are biking this week.  
I have created my profile page and you can check it out by searching my name.  Don’t worry it’s all approved by the Mission President.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe, talk to you next week.

Elder Wawro

Tarzan moment:)

On the way to Little Rock Central High School

Little Rock Central High School
front portal