Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things are moving forward

Dear Family,

I forgot to mention in my last week’s email that I was assigned to speak in Sacrament meeting here in my new Ward.  Unfortunately we did not have any investigators come to Church nor did our planned baptism go through this week.  However the two baptisms in my old Ward went well and I got to speak at the Baptismal Service.

I'm losing some weight, I have lost 10 pounds since I have been here and I actually ran 2 miles the other morning in 15 minutes and 36 seconds, so not bad for a guy who had gained some weight, right?

I am amazed at how much potential for successful Missionary work this area has.  Things are moving forward and this week could really start it off with a blast, so I am anticipating to be emailing you a lot of good news next week.

You can send the packages and all the mail to my Mission Office while I am in this area.  Thank you for all you packages, letters, emails, gifts and support.

I really liked the pictures you have send  ...I know, I know - l need to start taking more pictures.

I love you all so much.

Elder Wawro