Saturday, June 16, 2012

See God's children make covenants

Dear Family,

Man it is good to see my fellow brothers in action …literally all over the world.  What a great Missionaries they are.

Awesome news, Abigail was baptized in a beautiful Baptismal service - the spirit was so strong.  We had fun preparing for it. That’s what we work so hard for, to see God's children make covenants with Him and to see their lives change as they truly repent to gain full access to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

We had a really good experience after the baptism, a true tender mercy of the Lord.  Our plans to visit few sisters in the Ward with a return Missionary as our chaperon had to be canceled last minute, so Elder Murton and I suddenly found ourselves with couple of hours with nothing to do.  We’ve tried to go out and see anyone we could but things just were not working out.    At one point as we were driving I felt an impression to go see a potential investigator that Elder Bluth and I found few weeks back.  So I did. He did not answer the door but we ran into a nice little boy.  He lived nearby and was a great sport to get his parents for us.  When the parents came outside we used a new door approach that our Mission is now using and they let us in.  We left a Priesthood blessing on their home, testified about the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the Church.  Their hearts were softened and we will be teaching them tonight.   I know that Heavenly Father is in this work and so is His Son Jesus Christ. I am grateful for that experience and I thought I would share that with you.

Sorry for not telling you last week about the whole trip to Hope, and Oxford.  As you know, I am not too good at this whole email thing.  The trip went good and I do in fact have some pictures for y'all but will have to send them next week because computer we use do not have SD card readers and I don’t have with me cable for my camera.

I love you all so much, thanks for all you support and letter and goodies and gift cards (which we have used to celebrate after the baptism).  Have a great week!!!!

Elder Wawro