Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things are looking up for us

Dear Family,

It has been rather slow week here, but things are looking up for us.
In this area we have bike weeks and every two weeks we only use bikes.  We aren't allowed too many miles, so this week we spent most of the time biking - I guess our bike week this month seems like it has already started and won't end until the end of the month.   But that’s alright - it'll keep me in shape.

We did set two baptismal dates for August 11th with an elderly couple, and we will be going back tonight to teach them again. We are going to be focusing on teaching them about personal revelation and how to receive it.

This past Saturday we also participated in a Ward Council outreach. All four Stakes in our Mission are focusing their efforts on reaching out (rescue) to the less active members, and in helping the Missionaries, so the Stakes and Mission coordinate the ongoing Ward Council outreach where each participating Ward designates a Saturday morning/afternoon to do it.   The Mission provides as many Missionaries as are needed to to do mini splits to visit all the less active members and invite them back.

Also you would be surprised to hear that this morning for exercise me and my companion plus some others Elders played tennis. Boy do I suck nowadays, haha.

Love y'all and enjoy your week!!!!!

Elder Wawro

Elder Wawro and Elder Anderson - 4th of July feast with Elder and Sister Kenworthy