Friday, August 31, 2012

First week with my new companion

Dear Family,

My first week with my new companion went by great.  His name is Elder Ackerman and he is from Elko, Nevada. You will be passing through it if I remember correctly on the way to BYU Idaho. I was happy with the way this week went because I really wanted his first week in the Mission to go well.   And it ended well yesterday (Sunday) with two of our investigators finally coming to Church. They loved it, they enjoyed the classes and they seem to be doing really well.  Both still have baptismal dates for September 8th and coming to Church yesterday is really going to help them be prepared for the special covenant of baptism. So having two baptisms lined up is not a shabby way of to start a Mission for Elder Ackerman.

On our second day together we host a table at Hendrix College and that was probably a frightening thing to do as a new Missionary but we enjoyed it, although it was not as successful as we were hoping.  As we were there we realized that our table was the only one with a picture of Jesus Christ and everyone just had display boards with fun activities and gave free things away, and that is just another testament to me that this is the Lord's Church and we were proud of it.  We are going to be doing something similar at another college here.

We try to stay creative here with finding activities because the thing we struggle with the most is consistently finding new investigators.  These past two weeks we have found 0.   We do quite a bit of personal finding but it’s not the most effective way to build our teaching pool.   We focus our efforts on working with the members.  Every baptism I have had this year thus far has come from a member referral and they all got baptized no longer than a month and half after we first met them.  So I would encourage you to be of help to Missionaries in your Ward, be bold with non member family, friends and neighbors, they all had one thing in common and that is that they do not have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    And as ‘Preach My Gospel’ teaches, the members are full time finders and the Missionaries are full time teachers.   Trust me I have done a lot of finding in my mission and it nowhere near as effective as member Missionary work.   So I again encourage y'all to share the gospel naturally and normally.  Invitations are easy all you have to do is ask.  

I love this work, I love all the experiences I have had on my Mission and I would not trade them for the world.  

I love y'all so much.
Have a great week, enjoy the last few weeks of the summer and have fun!!!

Elder Wawro

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dealing with disappointment

Dear Family,

This week definitely had its ups and downs here in Conway.  On Saturday night we were expecting to have four investigators to Church but unfortunately none of them came.  We felt really disappointed as we worked very hard the whole week to get them there so that they can more fully prepare for baptism and they did not show up.  They can't progress unless they come to Church.  We’ve got to be creative and figure out the way to get these wonderful people to Church. 

On the positive note, three of our progressing investigators accepted baptismal dates for September. This coming week we are going to be having a table booth set up at one of the colleges here in town.   We are excited and we pray hard that it will be very successful.

I love y'all and thanks for the package, the belts are great!

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keys to following promptings

Dear Family,

So this last week here in Conway has been our best so far this transfer.  Transfer is next week not this week as you thought, but because last week I have had interviews with my Mission President I can give you the transfer scoop one week early.  I will be staying here in Conway and I will be training next transfer a brand new Missionary.   I am super excited because out of all the Missionary leadership, training is my favorite.

So now you don't have to wonder anymore, I will be here for another 12 weeks.

Just yesterday we had Stake Conference here in the North Little Rock Stake.  Elder Giddens from the Second Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke and it was really good.  Sadly enough we did not get any investigators there. But last week was an improvement and we are going to do everything in our power to get our investigators to Church this week.   One of our investigators who previously took the Missionary discussions while leaving in Michigan is making a good progress.  We took him on a Church tour this past week to make him more comfortable visiting again on Sunday.  He met our Bishop who did a great job fellowshipping him and answering questions - that was really  nice.  
Also President Petersen had asked me to go to a training conducted by Elder Bluth, Area Seventy down in Hot Springs for the Ward Council Outreach.   As Elder Bluth taught us there was something that stuck out to me and I know it is something that every one can apply in their lives.
It’s the 4 keys to following Promptings:
1) Consistently pray for promptings. The more we obey them the more we receive.
2) Don't get discouraged when you a follow a prompting and it does not work out the way you wanted it to and don't question whether it was prompting or not.
3) Share your promptings with your companion (for non-missionaries an example would be spouse)
4) Never be embarrassed by your promptings and never discourage/make fun of other's promptings.

I hope Elder Treadway doesn't think I am ignoring him, because two or three P-Days ago I sent him a letter in reply to one he sent me. So hopefully he gets it or maybe he has just recently gotten it.

A member here in Conway owns a Chiropractic and Wellness Center and I went there and got my left thumb fixed, the one that I hurt while playing football at BYU-I.   So that was sweet.   I really appreciate the pictures y'all have sent me and I will try to send some pictures to you next week.  

Thanks again for everything!!! Have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Wawro

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dear Family,

I never thought that 18 months could go by as fast as two weeks  …but it feels that way and every second of it has been a great joy and thrill.  Nothing worth having comes easy and my Mission is so special to me because it has been a refining process, full of bumps and bruises, and trials and errors, but always fun. Because I get to do the greatest work ever!!

The past week went by pretty fast, even with recovering from being sick (cold) - nothing that DayQuil can't fix.  In a numbers perspective, this week was not too successful but looking back on our efforts and the faith we have exercised this week was a success. And we ended last week with a bang – a really good day yesterday.   We got two new investigators both of whom in the past have spoken with Missionaries but for one reason or another never progressed toward baptism. So we are going to change that.  The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit will be our tools in helping the sons and daughters of God here in Conway come closer to Christ and His church.

I apologize for my attitude and lack of optimism last week in my email.  This is a great area, full of awesome members and wonderful people. What more could one ask for?   I've got all that I need here to have tons of success, so we are going to go out and get it!

I appreciate your love and support from back home and I always enjoy those extra weekly letters mom. I don't need anything as of right now but thanks for asking.  And mom I have been meaning to congratulate you on finishing the Book of Mormon on/before July 24th. So here it is, GOOD JOB MOM.   As for my reading, I am taking a little different of an approach, I am taking my time and really trying to read in between the lines and get as much of it as I can.  I am on page 198 or 199 and it’s funny because I read the Book of Mormon everyday and when I finish this time it will be the third time on my Mission.

I love y'all and good luck with all the upcoming things.  Please tell Russell Westrup Congratulations! for me.

Elder Wawro

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hoping for a better week ahead

Dear Family,

Well, things have just been rough lately.  Last Monday was great but from Tuesday on, everything just tanked.   I’ve been a little sick these past two days, but I am feeling better and hoping that by tomorrow I should be perfectly tuned again.

We didn't have any investigators at Church yesterday and so our baptismal dates dropped because of their ‘no show’.  
I kind of need this P-Day to get my mind right.

We have used car this entire week and will stay in car at least until the end of this transfer.

I'm really glad to hear things are going well back home.  Please tell Kayla HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! for me.  I can't believe that ‘little girl’ is turning 19 - I'll be sending her a card and pictures from parts of my Mission that you all can share.

My prayers will be with y'all.  Wish you a great week and hope that everything will go well.

Elder Wawro

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