Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dear Family,

I never thought that 18 months could go by as fast as two weeks  …but it feels that way and every second of it has been a great joy and thrill.  Nothing worth having comes easy and my Mission is so special to me because it has been a refining process, full of bumps and bruises, and trials and errors, but always fun. Because I get to do the greatest work ever!!

The past week went by pretty fast, even with recovering from being sick (cold) - nothing that DayQuil can't fix.  In a numbers perspective, this week was not too successful but looking back on our efforts and the faith we have exercised this week was a success. And we ended last week with a bang – a really good day yesterday.   We got two new investigators both of whom in the past have spoken with Missionaries but for one reason or another never progressed toward baptism. So we are going to change that.  The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit will be our tools in helping the sons and daughters of God here in Conway come closer to Christ and His church.

I apologize for my attitude and lack of optimism last week in my email.  This is a great area, full of awesome members and wonderful people. What more could one ask for?   I've got all that I need here to have tons of success, so we are going to go out and get it!

I appreciate your love and support from back home and I always enjoy those extra weekly letters mom. I don't need anything as of right now but thanks for asking.  And mom I have been meaning to congratulate you on finishing the Book of Mormon on/before July 24th. So here it is, GOOD JOB MOM.   As for my reading, I am taking a little different of an approach, I am taking my time and really trying to read in between the lines and get as much of it as I can.  I am on page 198 or 199 and it’s funny because I read the Book of Mormon everyday and when I finish this time it will be the third time on my Mission.

I love y'all and good luck with all the upcoming things.  Please tell Russell Westrup Congratulations! for me.

Elder Wawro