Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dealing with disappointment

Dear Family,

This week definitely had its ups and downs here in Conway.  On Saturday night we were expecting to have four investigators to Church but unfortunately none of them came.  We felt really disappointed as we worked very hard the whole week to get them there so that they can more fully prepare for baptism and they did not show up.  They can't progress unless they come to Church.  We’ve got to be creative and figure out the way to get these wonderful people to Church. 

On the positive note, three of our progressing investigators accepted baptismal dates for September. This coming week we are going to be having a table booth set up at one of the colleges here in town.   We are excited and we pray hard that it will be very successful.

I love y'all and thanks for the package, the belts are great!

Elder Wawro