Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What more could you ask for?

Dear Family,

I don't know if I can express in words the gratitude I feel for the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us this last week and how much at times I am undeserving, yet with love He showers blessings upon us.

Where to start?... Our awesome couple investigators I’ve mentioned previously both came to Church yesterday for the second time and loved it.  Both are still scheduled to be baptized this Saturday (9-29-2012).    Elder Ackerman gets to experience his first baptisms!   …we are really excited.

But our joy doesn't just stop with them. Late Friday afternoon we were blessed with a miracle.  We had a dinner appointment set for 5pm, and the previous night in our planning session we decided that we would do some sort of finding for about an hour leading up to dinner.   We parked in a neighborhood near our dinner appointment and decided we would contact instead of knocking doors because tracting is less effective unless inspired to do so.   So we walked for about 20-30 minutes and get to talk to only one person because there was no one outside.  As time was winding down, we came to a small T intersection, and then the decision was ours, which way do we go?  Well as I thought and looked it seemed to me in a way I never experienced before that the left side seemed to be brighter …like it would glow and I knew that’s the way we needed to go.  So as we turned left and walked passing one of the first houses I felt impression that we should knock   ….so I followed the prompting and knocked on the door.    The door answered young man, he let us in and we talked briefly and set a comeback appointment for next day.   We came back Saturday and had a great lesson and then yesterday (Sunday) he came to Church and tonight he will be eating dinner with us at a Member’s home.    I know that Heavenly Father has prepared him to accept the Gospel at this time.  I can see him being baptized in the month of October and we should be setting a baptismal date with him this week.   I am so grateful to be serving a Mission. I am grateful that Heavenly Father loves me and that because of the sacrifice of my Elder brother, Jesus Christ I can be forgiven and find happiness in my life.


Keep these wonderful individuals in your prayers and I greatly appreciate your love and support. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Remember it is not only full time Missionaries that can have these experiences, YOU CAN TO!

Recently, Elder Ackerman and I got fed deer enchiladas at the dinner appointment …. and a Brother in the Ward said he found a place where they sell raccoon and the next time we get fed by them we are getting raccoon. I am excited, what more could you ask for?

Elder Wawro

Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear Family,

Oh what an up and down week this has been for us, filled with lot of hope and good news.  If you recall my near frustrations from last week regarding our investigator with whom we have had really phenomenal lessons but who could not commit to the baptism  ….you will be pleased to know that he accepted a baptismal date for October 15th  YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When things like this happen it just reestablishes the knowledge that all the sacrifices and hard work we are putting in is all so worth it.   Well, Heavenly Father did not just stop there with blessing us; He blessed us to set another baptismal date with one of our older investigators. I mentioned her a few weeks back, and not until this past Wednesday were we able to meet with her again.  Because it took so long to be able to meet with her again we were skeptical about how interested she may have really been.   To our surprise and amazement, she told us that she read and prayed a lot and was able to explain some misunderstandings about the Church to her husband who had been skeptical about her meeting with us.   Both her and her husband are great people and have a wonderful family. She would have come to Church yesterday but she woke up with severe swellings in her eyes.   We feel so blessed and are really looking forward to see our awesome investigators coming to Church.

Thank you for sending me some of my pictures from before my Mission.  I can't believe that all of them were taken more than two years ago. My face has definitely gotten more round and chubbier in these last 19 months.   I am really glad to hear that all is going well back home.   I did in fact get all of your letters …thank you!  
Just a fun fact, in the September's ‘Ensign’ Magazine is an article about sharing the gospel by being you written by Sister Jensen, Sister Missionary in my District. KEEP DOING MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!

Have fun!!!

Elder Wawro

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chose to humble myself

Dear Family,

Wow, so this past week has been bit frustrating and to be honest I was a little bitter and angry yesterday for parts of the day, but today I have chosen to humble myself because it totally sucks not having the spirit and anger is a first class to miserable.  We have lot to be grateful for and rejoice about. We were able to reset our investigators baptismal dates for the 29th of this month!!!  They had to travel to Chicago this week which meant they were not able to come to Church but they have two more weeks to make up for any losses.   We also have been teaching for a while now an awesome young man who is really progressing, especially these last two weeks.  We have been teaching him at our Ward Mission Leader’s home and the spirit have been incredibly strong but he just won't say yes to baptism, even when the spirit has been pricking his heart as the scriptures says.

I don't know the weather y'all are having there in California but this weekend here in Conway was gorgeous!! Too bad it ended today and we probably will not see this king of weather again till fall hits us here.

When I read your emails today and you talked about Preston going to college it hit me that I didn't realize how much has changed back home.  

I will end with a quick tidbit about my companion Elder Ackerman.  He has a cousin who just returned back from... what do you think? ....Poland. Crazy huh!!   Anyway, keep up the good work back home, have fun, be safe, and enjoy success!

Elder Wawro

Elder Wawro and Elder Smith

Got Milk?

Transfer Day - my new companion Elder Ackerman

P-Day Service project

Eaten by the fish

Nothing like a Razorback pop tart

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work is progressing

Dear Family,

Bad news, our 'baptism set' investigators did not come to Church yesterday. BIG BUMMER! So their dates had to drop BUT there is always another Saturday open, so we are going to check up with them tonight and see how they are doing and reset a date with them. Once we do that we will get the train rolling back up again because they are progressing so well and they will be baptized.

A lot of good things are going on here, maybe not at super speed like we would like them too, but slowly and surely we are finding the Lord's prepared and these wonderful people here are progressing. We have a teaching appointment later tonight at the member’s house with our newest investigator to teach him the Plan of Salvation.  We have taken him on a church tour and taught him first lesson.  The difficult thing is getting him to Church because he works every Sunday although he said that things are looking pretty good for this upcoming Sunday.  We also found this past week another awesome investigator.  More to come on their status as we teach her and her family.

This past week treated us pretty well, especially when some of the rainy weather made it just a tad bit cooler. We got some nice gusty winds and some heavy rain for about two days but nothing that would cause any damage.

So SORRY, remember how I promised pictures last week, well I was all prepared today to send them to you, but I forgot the library was closed and the computer that we are using in the Family History room does not have the program installed to upload my pictures through the USB and there is SD card reader.   
Enjoy the trip up to BYU-I and be safe.  Sending Kayla my best wishes and I hope she does fantastic this semester!!!!   Have fun. :-)

Elder Wawro