Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work is progressing

Dear Family,

Bad news, our 'baptism set' investigators did not come to Church yesterday. BIG BUMMER! So their dates had to drop BUT there is always another Saturday open, so we are going to check up with them tonight and see how they are doing and reset a date with them. Once we do that we will get the train rolling back up again because they are progressing so well and they will be baptized.

A lot of good things are going on here, maybe not at super speed like we would like them too, but slowly and surely we are finding the Lord's prepared and these wonderful people here are progressing. We have a teaching appointment later tonight at the member’s house with our newest investigator to teach him the Plan of Salvation.  We have taken him on a church tour and taught him first lesson.  The difficult thing is getting him to Church because he works every Sunday although he said that things are looking pretty good for this upcoming Sunday.  We also found this past week another awesome investigator.  More to come on their status as we teach her and her family.

This past week treated us pretty well, especially when some of the rainy weather made it just a tad bit cooler. We got some nice gusty winds and some heavy rain for about two days but nothing that would cause any damage.

So SORRY, remember how I promised pictures last week, well I was all prepared today to send them to you, but I forgot the library was closed and the computer that we are using in the Family History room does not have the program installed to upload my pictures through the USB and there is SD card reader.   
Enjoy the trip up to BYU-I and be safe.  Sending Kayla my best wishes and I hope she does fantastic this semester!!!!   Have fun. :-)

Elder Wawro