Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear Family,

Oh what an up and down week this has been for us, filled with lot of hope and good news.  If you recall my near frustrations from last week regarding our investigator with whom we have had really phenomenal lessons but who could not commit to the baptism  ….you will be pleased to know that he accepted a baptismal date for October 15th  YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When things like this happen it just reestablishes the knowledge that all the sacrifices and hard work we are putting in is all so worth it.   Well, Heavenly Father did not just stop there with blessing us; He blessed us to set another baptismal date with one of our older investigators. I mentioned her a few weeks back, and not until this past Wednesday were we able to meet with her again.  Because it took so long to be able to meet with her again we were skeptical about how interested she may have really been.   To our surprise and amazement, she told us that she read and prayed a lot and was able to explain some misunderstandings about the Church to her husband who had been skeptical about her meeting with us.   Both her and her husband are great people and have a wonderful family. She would have come to Church yesterday but she woke up with severe swellings in her eyes.   We feel so blessed and are really looking forward to see our awesome investigators coming to Church.

Thank you for sending me some of my pictures from before my Mission.  I can't believe that all of them were taken more than two years ago. My face has definitely gotten more round and chubbier in these last 19 months.   I am really glad to hear that all is going well back home.   I did in fact get all of your letters …thank you!  
Just a fun fact, in the September's ‘Ensign’ Magazine is an article about sharing the gospel by being you written by Sister Jensen, Sister Missionary in my District. KEEP DOING MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!

Have fun!!!

Elder Wawro