Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zero complaints:)

Dear Family,
Y'all probably know that today is transfer week, but no worries here because since I am training we are staying to finish up the training. That is exciting because we enjoy serving together and packing bags isn't any fun.

Great news - Carolyn was baptized on Saturday and we are really excited for her.   The Baptismal service turned out really nice and we had a good amount of the Ward members for support and welcoming.   Elder Ackerman enjoyed his very first baptism.

This our progressing well with our young man investigator,  He is still very much interested and last Monday during the lesson we set a baptismal date with him for the 20th of October. He came to Church yesterday and he is doing really great!  Your prayers on behalf of our investigators are always much appreciated.

So all in all everything is fantastic and I have 0 complaints. I love my Mission, I love this work.   Now we just need to continue to find more wonderful people to teach and keep the ball rolling. I can't believe General Conference is this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Time is passing way too fast.

Have a great week, enjoy yourselves, and enjoy Conference. The only thing I can think of needing is a few stamps and I mean just a few.   Love Y'all!!!!

Elder Wawro