Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy, alive and kicking!

Dear Family,

I'll start today's email with the not so good stuff so that I can end on the good note. First, the package - they did not have it at the office in my apartments, which could mean a couple things. I know that if it is by USPS they don't bring it to the door so i don't think that was the case. My guess is that the mail courier just gave it to the wrong person. I went to the post office to see if they would have it there, but they didn’t and they needed a tracking number to which I did not have.   I did get the money in the letter and it came at the perfect time because I had no money left and this week we only have one dinner appointment. So THANKS!!!!!

We are basically now down to one investigator and last week I had one of my slowest weeks on my Mission.   Although that is how I got my last two baptisms, without member support, Missionary work can be very hard and frustrating because people aren't really too fond of the Missionaries knocking on their door.   So please talk and share the gospel with friends and neighbors, so that this great work can continue to move forward. Of course it won't be easy but the more you do it the more natural and normal it will become to you. I am proud of all that you do for the Missionaries back home ...keep it up, y'all are awesome!!

Both Carolyn and Johnny are still doing great!  Johnny just got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and I know there are still lots of great things in store for him.   We will be trying to get Carolyn to the Temple for baptisms before the year ends.  

I am healthy, alive and kicking! So what more can I ask for. We are pressing forward and will continue to do our best.   I think you will like the picture.

Have a great week and be safe!!

Elder Wawro