Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blessed with a baptism

Dear Family,

I am glad to hear that although y'alls Thanksgiving was short few of your favorite children, that you still had a good one.  And it is always good to enjoy the holidays and doing it serving someone else like y'all did.

On Saturday, we were blessed with a baptism of our investigator Charles. He had a wonderful experience and said that he had felt the spirit really strongly after the baptismal ordinance was performed.   Elder Chapman was able to perform his first baptism and so it was a special experience for him as well. Looking back almost 3 months ago when we first met him, Charles has come a long way, especially when like a month ago we almost put him on pause and thought he might have dropped us.   The experience of teaching him all the way through and seeing him change is a testimony builder that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone and can bless anyone’s and everyone’s life.

Thanksgiving was a joy for us as well.   Elder Chapman and I participated in a turkey bowl in the morning, and then we had lots to eat and had some awesome deserts  … and let me tell you there is no better tasting turkey in the world then deep fried turkey.

Things are still going well in the area. We have two other baptismal dates and we could potentially have two baptisms in December, which would make it a very Merry, Merry Christmas.

Have a great week and I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Wawro

At Church with Elder Ford

Did someone said 'Elections'?

Say Hello to Conway Missionary 'crew'

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Answer to someone's prayer

Dear Family,

I hope y'all had a great week! …and that this holiday week will be great too even though Kayla and I are not at home this Thanksgiving.

My companion in training is Elder Chapman. He is from southern California, from city of Hemet.  Elder Chapman is likely my last trainee and companion and this made me thinking that of all the Missionaries I trained none are from Utah and that most of my companions I have had are not from Utah either.

On Saturday, we had some members cook/fry up some deer and boy was it good!  Last night we were eating dinner with the same family that is feeding us on Thanksgiving. They told us that they are going to fry up the turkey and they might fry up some pheasant too. I am excited for that. 

Two cool spiritual things to write about this week. The first is that our most progressing investigator is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!! Ever since he gave up smoking about a week and a half ago he has been progressing so much quickly and has been much more receptive to the spirit.

The second is that we were an answer to someone’s prayer this past week.  We had some extra time before an appointment one day, so we went to do some visits in the area.   I felt impressed to visit our potential investigator we met a couple of weeks ago.  We knocked on her door and she didn’t answer but just as we were leaving she opened the door. She had mentioned to us that things have been very rough for her and her daughter lately and that she also knew that her next door neighbor was going thru some hard times too.  She shared with us that just before we knocked on her door, she decided to pray for her neighbors instead of dwelling on her own hardships.   She asked if we could go with her next door to see that neighbor and she explained to the neighbor how she had been praying a few minutes ago and how just a little after she had finished her prayer we showed up at her door. This softened the neighbor’s heart to allow us to pray with her and although she wasn't too interested in our message we were very grateful for being an answer to someone’s prayer.

Next week it will include some photos. HAVE A FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING!!!!!! AND BE SAFE!

Elder Wawro

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good ol Conway

Dear Family,

How’s everyone doing?  I hope y'all enjoyed your week and that good California weather.

Things are going good here in Arkansas.  I forgot to mention this last week that my last two (2) transfers will be ending here in good ol Conway.  It seems crazy to me because after having spent so much time in Memphis and Tennessee in the first part of my Mission I thought that would be home throughout.  Boy was I wrong …I have spent already eleven (11) months on this (Arkansas) side and still have a little less than three (3) moths remaining.   I guess the Lord wanted me to spend the last half of my Mission here.

Last week ended with some good news and some excitement!  Carolyn, my recent convert had her granddaughter come to Church with her.  She seemed to have had a good time and we are going to try to start teaching her tonight and hopefully get to see her enter the waters of baptism this transfer.   Also, we got a referral from a member who has a nonmember granddaughter moving in with her and she wants to be baptized.   We have an appointment set up for Tuesday. 

It really is so good to me to hear how well y'all are doing. I hope everything continues to go well for y'all!  Time doesn't seem to want to slow down, I could have just sworn that Halloween was yesterday but we are almost at the halfway point for the month.

Please tell Brother and Sister Eggers ‘Thank You SO Much’ for their package!!!   The package mom send was great as well …those chocolate covered pomegranates are being put to good use :)

Elder Wawro

Friday, November 9, 2012

Seven new investigators

Dear Family,

WOW, I am happy to report that we had an awesome week!  No complaints coming out of Conway!

Heavenly Father has blessed us with almost a whole new teaching pool. We were able to get seven (7) new investigators and set a baptismal date with one of them.

We are teaching now some amazing people! One of them we have found because of the Presidential election sign ‘Romney/Ryan’, haha. 
Next week I hope to report that these families came out to Church and that all have baptismal dates.

I forgot to mention this and I guess you did not realize from the last baptismal picture, but I have a new companion. My current companion is Elder Ford, from Layton, Utah ….but not for long.  We just had interviews with President Petersen this last week and I will be training again to finish off my Mission.  

Can’t think of a better ways to end a Mission!   It will be exciting again, because like I said before I really enjoy training.

Hope y'all have a great week and enjoy yourselves!!!!

Elder Wawro