Sunday, November 25, 2012

Answer to someone's prayer

Dear Family,

I hope y'all had a great week! …and that this holiday week will be great too even though Kayla and I are not at home this Thanksgiving.

My companion in training is Elder Chapman. He is from southern California, from city of Hemet.  Elder Chapman is likely my last trainee and companion and this made me thinking that of all the Missionaries I trained none are from Utah and that most of my companions I have had are not from Utah either.

On Saturday, we had some members cook/fry up some deer and boy was it good!  Last night we were eating dinner with the same family that is feeding us on Thanksgiving. They told us that they are going to fry up the turkey and they might fry up some pheasant too. I am excited for that. 

Two cool spiritual things to write about this week. The first is that our most progressing investigator is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!! Ever since he gave up smoking about a week and a half ago he has been progressing so much quickly and has been much more receptive to the spirit.

The second is that we were an answer to someone’s prayer this past week.  We had some extra time before an appointment one day, so we went to do some visits in the area.   I felt impressed to visit our potential investigator we met a couple of weeks ago.  We knocked on her door and she didn’t answer but just as we were leaving she opened the door. She had mentioned to us that things have been very rough for her and her daughter lately and that she also knew that her next door neighbor was going thru some hard times too.  She shared with us that just before we knocked on her door, she decided to pray for her neighbors instead of dwelling on her own hardships.   She asked if we could go with her next door to see that neighbor and she explained to the neighbor how she had been praying a few minutes ago and how just a little after she had finished her prayer we showed up at her door. This softened the neighbor’s heart to allow us to pray with her and although she wasn't too interested in our message we were very grateful for being an answer to someone’s prayer.

Next week it will include some photos. HAVE A FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING!!!!!! AND BE SAFE!

Elder Wawro