Monday, December 31, 2012

Eight foot snowman

Dear Family,

We had a crazy week here in Arkansas, especially with all the snow, which I have heard was the first time in 80 years on Christmas. For a brief period of time we were told by our Mission President to stay in. So what did we do?  We build about an eight foot snow man. YEEAHH!! So of course we had little fun and took some good pictures.

But the day we were able to go back out, it was all back to business. We were blessed with a sweet miracle finding a golden investigator. We were trying to see a potential investigator but they didn't answer.  As we had walked up to a nearby house I had noticed a man and felt that we should see him …. so we went and knocked on his door. He immediately let us in and told us he was looking for a church. We set a baptismal date and as you can guess we are really excited.  I have truly come to love and appreciate the Spirit and its promptings.

Things are going well, I love my mission and I really loved the pictures. Y'all are all looking so happy and hip and young, haha. Y'all are the best!!!

Elder Wawro

Snow on Christmas - View from the balcony

White 'Mimi Me'

Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Christmas

Dear Family,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although it hasn't snowed lately (I hear it might on Christmas day here in Conway:) we were able to have a white Christmas with the baptisms of Ricky and Corvina "Lucy".   After a little over a year I got in the water and did a baptism myself and it felt good. One of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten were given me on Saturday by a loving Father in Heaven.

Overall the work is progressing really well in our Zone. The Sister Missionaries in our Ward were able to have two (2) baptisms as well on Saturday.  Not too many updates on people I told y'all about last week because we were not able to see them - hopefully more on them and other things next P-Day.

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures you sent me this week, y'all are all looking so good and happy!

Regarding, the phone call tomorrow, I will make in the evening because that will be the least productive proselyting time on Christmas Day. So, expect a call anywhere from 5 to 6 pm EST.
I love y'all so much!! Say ‘HI’ to everyone and tell Jonah congratulation on his mission call.

Elder Wawro

Best Christmas gift - Baptism of Ricky and Lucy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last transfer of my Mission

Dear Family,

You may not know this, but today starts the last transfer of my Mission :(  I can't believe it.   The transfer that just ended was only 5 week long, and this new transfer will last 7 weeks.  Today, my companion and I had a chance to use the gift cards you have sent - they were much appreciated.  Thank you from both of us!   I made some Christmas cards and will be sending them out today, so y'all and few others should receive them soon.

Great news on progress of our investigators  …it just makes me smile to think how much Heavenly Father has been blessing us here in Conway.   They will be getting baptized as planned this Saturday.    We just recently started teaching their younger sister and we should be setting a baptismal date with her tonight. That family is just doing so great!    Their grandmother is loving the Gospel.

Also, some great news about Johnny - he was recently called as the Elders' Quorum Secretary.  That’s so awesome to hear about him receiving his first calling in the church.

We also have this great young couple we started teaching this week.   We have baptismal dates with them for January and we are so excited for them.  They were not able to make it to church yesterday but we will get the there soon!

We have a lot of good things going on.  This week we will be having our Christmas Zone Conference, so that will be fun.

Thanks dad for the story – it was great and I enjoyed it!
I am still not sure what time I will be calling home, so I will let you know in my email next week.

Enjoy y'alls week! Be safe and have fun, and HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Elder Wawro

C to the A to the L to the L to the E to the D to the T to the O to the S to the E to the R to the V

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sick on a bike week

Dear Family,

This week was pretty rough, I was sick and we were on bike week which I found out does not make a good mix. I did get permission from President Petersen to email Hillary at the BYU-I Admissions so we will see how that works out.

Carolyn’s grandchildren, our progressing investigators are both 17 and they both will be getting baptized on December 22, 2012.

This will probably be the shortest email in the world because there isn't anything new to share.  
Mom thank you for the snacks and banana muffins …they were really good:).
Y'all have a great week and enjoy everything this Christmas Season!

Elder Wawro

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look forward to more great things

Dear Family,

Thanks for the love and prayers and your awesome emails. And thanks for the letter this week as well.

This week has been awesome ….maybe not the best or most successful when it came to teaching a lot of lessons, but we have two very solid baptismal dates with Carolyn's grandchildren (one on December 15 and another on December 21).  Both of them came to Church yesterday (one of them for the second time).   We look forward to more great things this week and hope that we have 3 baptisms this month, here in Conway. It would be a very Merry Christmas.

The weather here these last few days has been slightly warm, in the 70s. I want the cold, but I guess I should be grateful that it’s not blistering 100 degrees with humidity.

Don’t go crazy on me for Christmas this year.  I really don’t need anything.  I hope that convinced you!  …but probably not.

Y'all have fun this week, be safe, and I love Y'all!!!!

Elder Wawro

PS: say what’s up:) to Michael for me